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Art, History, and Culture (Index)

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For information about the history and culture of the disability movement, check out these sections of The DRM WebWatcher:
What disability advocacy is all about, with lots of links to in-your-face sites and organizations.
Web sites by, for and about artists with disabilities.
 Disability Culture - General
Sometimes called "crip culture," the arts and politics of the contemporary disability scene are reflected in these web sites.
 Disability History
Disability has existed since the beginning of time, but it has been perceived and responded to in many different ways. These sites fascinate, horrify and help make sense of where we've come from and where we're going.
 Disability Studies
The emerging field of disability studies encompasses a broad range of academic, humanitarian and social disciplines. Look here for general web sites for and about the study of disabilities as well as listings of specific university-based programs.
 Famous People with Disabilities
Who's Who - and where you can find information about them online. A guide for students and the "just interested."
Web sites of some of the most popular "cross disability" publications that appear in print, plus guides to other titles.
Television programs for people with disabilities, videotapes for people who are blind, an online directory of periodicals and other media dealing with disabilities, a list of films that featured characters with disabling conditions, and more.
 Resources in your state
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