Web Site Access for People with Disabilities

Welcome to the Disability Resources Monthly (DRM) Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet. Our volunteers have tried to design this web site to meet the needs of visitors with disabilities, including those who use voice or large print software and/or text browsers. This page has six short sections:
General Design
Aside from our "home page" (which is available in both graphic and text-only formats), we have avoided the use of frames, complex tables, animated graphics, applets, javascript, and other design elements which may be incompatible with adaptive software and text-only browsers. We have also tried to include "alternative text tags" on all graphics.
Jumping Over the Masthead
All of our pages (except this one and the home page) begin with a standard masthead. The masthead is designed to help visitors identify where they are on our site, and to help them jump quickly to other sections or pages. If you are familiar with html programming, you may note that the masthead is in a "table" format, which may be inaccessible with some applications. However, we have designed each page so that you can jump over the masthead if you wish.
Every page (except the home page and this page) begins with a small graphic pointer whose alternative text tag says "jump to listings." It looks like this: [Jump to listings]. This pointer is the first item you will encounter on each page, and it is followed by text links to the main sections of our web site (Home, Subjects, States, etc.). Then, inside the masthead table, you will generally find:
If you wish to skip this preliminary material and go right to the text or links, simply click (or press enter) on the graphic pointer or the alternative text tag link that says "jump to listings." To see how this works, select the link below. When the new page loads, try clicking on the pointer ([Jump to listings]) at the top. To return, use the back button or command on your browser.
Low Vision Information
Readers with low vision who are using graphic browsers can usually enlarge the size of the print and change the print/background contrast by changing the settings on their browsers.
We know we're not perfect. If you experience any difficulty using this site, or if you have any suggestions to improve it,
Designing Your Site
If you would like to know more about designing accessible web sites,
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