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Inclusion & Parent Advocacy: A Resource Guide

 Updated 9/9/2000

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Inclusion & Parent Advocacy: A Resource Guide is an extensive, annotated resource guide designed to help librarians, educators, parents, and other service providers identify publications and audiovisual materials that will help them understand, plan, and implement inclusive programs. The 135-page spiral-bound guide describes 265 books, pamphlets, videotapes, curriculum kits, and sources of free and inexpensive information.

The guide has nine sections: Welcome to Inclusion; An Early Start; Inclusion in School; Social Aspects of Inclusion; Facilitating Inclusion; Other Perspectives; Legal Rights and Parent Advocacy; Selected Sources of Free and Inexpensive Materials; and Selected Bibliographies. Each entry includes informative descriptive information as well as current bibliographic and purchasing data.

Produced in 1996 with support from the N.Y.S. Developmental Disailities Planning Council as a buying guide for New York public library systems, this information-packed publication is now available to schools, libraries, parent and teacher resource centers, community programs, and parents throughout the country.

Since Inclusion & Parent Advocacy was published in 1996, many new resources have become available, and many old ones have been revised or withdrawn. We have therefore decided to discontinue selling this buying guide, effective September 2000. You may still be able to find a copy in your local public library or disability organization. You can also use this web site to:

[bullet] Read excerpts from the introductory material.
[bullet] See a complete list of titles described in the guide.
[bullet] Look at a sample entry.

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