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Famous People with Disabilities

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People are often surprised about how many "notable" personalities have disabilities. Here are some web sites that list famous people who happen to have disabilities.
[bullet] Chamber of Commerce for Individuals with Disabilities - Hall of Fame
A small selection of personas, with links (some not working) to biographical information.
[bullet] Famous People Who Had Disabilities
A lesson plan by Bill Straub.
[bullet] Famous People with Disabilities
About a dozen famous folks with brief biographies, from the Center for Disability Information & Referral (CeDIR).
[bullet] Famous People with Disabilities[starred entry]
An excellent list from the ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education. The list is subdivided by disability, and each name includes the individual's profession. A good starting place for students.
[bullet] A Few Famous (and Not-So-Famous) People with Disabilities
A small list, with brief biographies, from the Disability Social History Project.
[bullet] Famous People with Asthma
A lengthy list from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.
Attention Deficit Disorder
See also Learning Disabilities
[bullet] Famous People With Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders
Many names (but no additional information or links) from the Child Development Institute.
[bullet] Famous People With Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders
Many names (but no additional information or links) from One A.D.D. Place.
[bullet] Autism FAQ - Well-known Autistic People
A list of well-known people who have chosen to write or speak about their family members who have autism. From www.autism-resources.com.
Deafness and Hearing Impairments
[bullet] Deaf and Hard of Hearing Celebrities and Personalities
An excellent collection of articles and links for well-known contemporary deaf and hard of hearing people from about.com.
[bullet] Famous People with Epilepsy
A brief list, arranged by profession, from the Florida Epilepsy Service Providers Association.
Learning Disabilities
See also Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia
[bullet] Celebrity Quiz
A matching game from LD OnLine.
[bullet] Successful People with LD and AD/HD [added 5/30/01]
From SchwabLearning.org, this is an excellent list of artists, athletes, business leaders, etc., with hyperlinks to articles about each individuals.
[bullet] Famous People & SB
An annotated list of noted people with spina bifida (or who have children with spina bifida), from the Children with Spina Bifida web site.
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