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Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Disability

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Like the general population, people with disabilities vary in their sexual preferences. People with disabilities who are gay or bisexual often face social and emotional challenges from both sides of the fence, and may need to look to each other for information and support. These sites can help.
[bullet] Bent: A Journal of CripGay Voices
This webzine for "cripgay men" features first-person articles, fiction, poetry, art, personals, and more. It's done with class, though the quality varies. Pay a visit and "get bent."
[bullet] Deaf Queer Resource Center
"A national non-profit resource and information center founded and directed by Deaf Queer activist Dragonsani Renteria," the Deaf Queer Resource Center website includes an IRC Channel, directory, personal home pages, photos, an online "cafe," and a members-only "People" section. The organization is a bit difficult to follow; check the site map for buried treasuries, ranging from "Frequently Asked Questions" to "Deaf Leather Resources."
[bullet] Disabilities
This section of the Gayscape website is an annotated list of links to all kinds of websites for gay people with disabilities. The links include personal homepages as well as organizational resources.
[bullet] Passing Twice
Passing Twice is "an informal network of gay, lesbian and bisexual stutterers and their friends." Its website includes information about the group and its activities, selected articles from its newsletter, and brief portraits of "Famous Gay Stutterers in Art and Real Life."
[bullet] Regard: The National Organisation of Disabled Lesbians and Gay Men
Information about this British advocacy organization.
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