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Higher Education - Funding

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These sites provide information about financial aid, scholarships and fellowships for students with disabilities.
General Information
[bullet] Books About Aid for Disabled Students
An annotated bibliography from the FinAid web site.
[bullet] Countdown to College
Geared for high school students who are deaf, this page from the Northeast Technical Assistance Center includes a checklist of what you should do during high school and a list of scholarships that are available to students who are deaf.
[bullet] Financial Aid for Disabled Students
A short list of on- and off-line resources from the FinAid web site.
[bullet] Financial Aid FAQ's for Students with Disabilities
A good overview from a consortium of institutions in Boston.
Specific Sources
[bullet] Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf - Scholarships
[bullet] American Council of the Blind Scholarships
[bullet] American Library Association - Century Scholarship for People with Disabilities
[bullet] Mays Mission for the Handicapped
[bullet] National Association of the Deaf - Stokoe Scholarship
[bullet] National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program
[bullet] President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
Related Subjects
[bullet] Education (Index)
[bullet] Financial Information
[bullet] Grants and Grant Writing
[bullet] Resources in your state
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