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Missouri - The Show Me State

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See also Developmental Disabilities, Multi-Service Agencies
[bullet] COIN Health Center (directory of Mid-Missouri resources)
[bullet] Governor's Council on Disability
[bullet] Governor's Council on Disability Resource Directory
Advocacy and Legal Rights
[bullet] ADA Project
[bullet] Gateway Legal Services (social security issues) [added 3/9/02]
[bullet] Missouri Coalition for Quality Care (long term care concerns)
[bullet] Missouri Protection & Advocacy Services
 National Resources
[bullet] Boone County Council on Aging
[bullet] Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging
[bullet] ElderWeb - Missouri
[bullet] Mid-East Area Agency on Aging (St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson Counties)
 National Resources
[bullet] Doorways
[bullet] RAIN Inc. (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network)
Allergy and Asthma
See also Respiratory Disorders
 National Resources
Alzheimer's Disease
[bullet] Alzheimer's Association - Chapters in Missouri
[bullet] Heartland chapter
[bullet] Mid-Missouri chapter
[bullet] St. Louis chapter
[bullet] Other chapters
 National Resources
[bullet] Missouri Arthritis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
[bullet] Missouri's Regional Arthritis Centers
 National Resources
[bullet] Very Special Arts Missouri
 National Resources
Assistive Technology
[bullet] ETC - Missouri's Interagency Assistive Technology Short-Term Loan Program
[bullet] Missouri Assistive Technology Project
[bullet] Missouri Technology Center for Special Education
[bullet] University of Missouri - Columbia, Adaptive Computing Technology Center (ACT)
 National Resources
Attention Deficit Disorder
See also Learning Disabilities
[bullet] Mid-Missouri CHADD
 National Resources
[bullet] Center for Autistic Disorders at Children's Hospsital
[bullet] Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment (MO-FEAT)
[bullet] OASIS Asperger Syndrome Support Groups - Missouri
[bullet] Project Access (Southwest Missouri State University)
 National Resources
Blindness and Visual Impairments
[bullet] Missouri Council of the Blind
[bullet] Missouri Department of Social Services, Rehabilitation Services for the Blind
[bullet] Rehabilitation Services for the Blind (RSB)
[bullet] Missouri School for the Blind
[bullet] Saint Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired
[bullet] Wolfner Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
 National Resources
Brain Injury
[bullet] Brain Injury Association of Missouri
[bullet] Missouri Head Injury Advisory Council
[bullet] Missouri Model Brain Injury System
 National Resources
[bullet] American Cancer Society (Columbia)
 National Resources
Cerebral Palsy
[bullet] United Cerebral Palsy of Greater St. Louis
 National Resources
See also Developmental Disabilities, Education, specific disabilities
[bullet] Assistance to Parents of Children With Disabilities (brochure from the Missouri Bar)
[bullet] First Steps (early intervention)
[bullet] MO-SPAN (The Missouri Statewide Parent Advisory Network)
[bullet] MPACT (Missouri Parents ACT)
[bullet] NICHCY State Contact Sheet
[bullet] Paris Family Support Network
[bullet] Partners in Policymaking
 National Resources
Communication Disorders
See also Deafness and Hearing Impairments
 Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association
 National Resources
Cystic Fibrosis
 National Resources
See also Communication Disorders
 National Resources
Deafness and Hearing Impairments
See also Communication Disorders
[bullet] Bethany Deaf Church
[bullet] Liberty Assistance Dogs
[bullet] Missouri Commission for the Deaf
[bullet] Missouri School for the Deaf
[bullet] St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf
[bullet] State Committee of Interpreters
 National Resources
Developmental Disabilities
See also Children, General, Multi-Service Agencies
[bullet] Boone County Group Homes and Family Support
[bullet] Developmental Disabilities Resource Board of Clay County
[bullet] Disability Connections
[bullet] Endless Options
[bullet] Greater Ozarks ARC
[bullet] Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services (MACDDS)
[bullet] Missouri Developmental Disabilities Resource Center
[bullet] Missouri Division of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
[bullet] Missouri Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities
[bullet] Productive Living Board (St. Louis)
[bullet] Region 10 Council on Developmental Disabilities
[bullet] Springfield Regional Center
[bullet] St. Louis ARC
[bullet] St. Louis Office for MR/DD Resources
[bullet] UMKC Institute for Human Development
 National Resources
[bullet] American Diabetes Association - Mid-America Region
 National Resources
Down Syndrome
[bullet] Down Syndrome Association of Mid-Missouri
See also Children, Higher Education, specific disabilities
[bullet] Center for Innovation in Special Education (CISE)
[bullet] Division of Special Education
[bullet] First Steps (early intervention)
[bullet] Missouri Technology Center for Special Education
[bullet] State Schools for Severely Handicapped
 National Resources
Education, Higher
See also Education
[bullet] Missouri College Guidebook
[bullet] University of Missouri-Columbia Disability Resources
[bullet] University of Missouri-Kansas City Office of Services for Students with Disabilities
 National Resources
See also Vocational Rehabilitation
[bullet] Central Missouri Sheltered Enterprises
[bullet] Employment Peer Connection
[bullet] Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers
[bullet] Temco (sheltered workshop)
 National Resources
[bullet] Epilepsy Foundation of the St. Louis Region
 National Resources
Financial Information
See also Wish Organizations
[bullet] Missouri Division of Medical Services (DMS) (Medicaid)
[bullet] Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation
[bullet] Missouri Family Trust
[bullet] Recovered Wishes
 National Resources
Fragile X Syndrome
 National Resources
Head Injury
See Brain Injury
Health (General)
 National Resources
Heart Disorders
[bullet] American Heart Association - Missouri
 National Resources
 National Resources
[bullet] Home of Your Own Initiative
[bullet] National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification - Missouri
 National Resources
Huntington's Disease
 National Resources
Independent Living
[bullet] Access II Independent Living Center (Gallatin)
[bullet] Disability Resource Association (DRA) (Crystal City)
[bullet] Independent Living Center of Southeast Missouri (ILCSM)
[bullet] Midland Empire Resources for Independent Living (St. Joseph)
[bullet] Missouri Statewide Independent Living Council
[bullet] Ozark Independent Living (OIL) (West Plains)
[bullet] Paraquad (St. Louis)
[bullet] Rural Advocates for Independent Living (RAIL) (Kirksville)
[bullet] Services for Independent Living (SIL) (Columbia)
[bullet] Tri-County Center for Independent Living (Rolla)
[bullet] Warrensburg Independent Living Services
[bullet] Other independent living centers in Missouri
 National Resources
Learning Disabilities
See also Attention Deficit Disorder
[bullet] Learning Disabilities Association of Missouri
[bullet] Learning Disabilities Association of the Ozarks
[bullet] St. Louis Affiliate
[bullet] Missouri State Resources (LD OnLine)
[bullet] Missouri State Resources Literacy and Learning Disabilities (National ALLD Center)
 National Resources
 National Resources
Mental Illness
[bullet] Behavioral Health Response (mental health crisis services for residents of eastern Missouri)
[bullet] KEN Mental Health Services Databases - Missouri
[bullet] Missouri Department of Mental Health
[bullet] Missouri Institute of Mental Health - Policy Information Exchange (PIE)
[bullet] Missouri Institute of Mental Health Library
[bullet] NAMI of Missouri
 National Resources
Mental Retardation
See Developmental Disabilities
Multi-Service Agencies
See also General, Developmental Disabilities
[bullet] Easter Seal Society of Central Missouri
[bullet] Easter Seals Missouri & Greater Kansas City
Multiple Sclerosis
[bullet] National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Gateway Area Chapter
[bullet] National MS Society - Mid America Chapter
 National Resources
Occupational Therapy
 National Resources
Parkinson's Disease
 National Resources
Prader-Willi Syndrome
[bullet] Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Missouri
 National Resources
See Sports and Recreation
See also Vocational Rehabilitation
[bullet] Missouri Rehabilitation Association
[bullet] Missouri Rehabilitation Center
[bullet] Rehabilitation Institute
[bullet] University of Missouri - Columbia, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
 National Resources
Respiratory Disorders
 National Resources
Respite Services
[bullet] National Respite Locator Service - Missouri Respite Programs
 National Resources
Speech Impairments
See Communication Disorders
 National Resources
Spina Bifida
[bullet] Spina Bifida Association of Greater St. Louis
 National Resources
Spinal Cord Injury
[bullet] Missouri Model Spinal Cord Injury System
 National Resources
Sports and Recreation
[bullet] St. Louis Wheelchair Athletic Association (SWAA)
[bullet] Special Olympics Missouri
 National Resources
[bullet] Internet Stroke Center at Washington University
[bullet] Stroke Support Groups and Stroke Visitation Programs - Missouri (American Heart Association)
 National Resources
Tourette Syndrome
 National Resources
[bullet] Project ACTION Accessible Traveler's Database - Missouri Cities
 National Resources
Turners Syndrome
 National Resources
 National Resources
Vocational Rehabilitation
See also Employment, Rehabilitation
[bullet] Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - Vocational Rehabilitation
[bullet] Kansas City North Vocational Rehabilitation District Office (serving Clay, Platte & Ray Counties in Western Missouri)
[bullet] Missouri AgrAbility Project
[bullet] Vocational Services, Inc. (VSI)
 National Resources
Wegener's Granulomatosis
[bullet] Wegener's Granulomatosis Support Group (WGSG)
Wish Organizations
[bullet] Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri
[bullet] Recovering Wishes for Families
 National Resources
Other Subjects
 National Resources
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