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Rhode Island - Little Rhody

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[bullet] Resources for Families - Special Needs
[bullet] Rhode Island Governor's Commission on Disabilities
[bullet] Disability Resources in Rhode Island (from Talking Books Plus)
Advocacy and Legal Rights
[bullet] Advocates in Action [added 11/29/01]
[bullet] New England ADA Technical Assistance Center
[bullet] Rhode Island Judiciary - Court Access for Individuals with Disabilities
[bullet] AARP in Rhode Island
[bullet] ElderWeb Rhode Island
[bullet] Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs
Alzheimer's Disease
[bullet] Alzheimer's Association - Rhode Island Chapter
[bullet] VS arts of Rhode Island
Assistive Technology
[bullet] Assistive Technology Access Partnership (ATAP)
[bullet] TechACCESS of Rhode Island
Blindness and Visual Impairments
[bullet] IN-SIGHT [added 11/29/01]
[bullet] Rhode Island Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
[bullet] Talking Books Plus
[bullet] Hope Center for Cancer Support
[bullet] Rhode Island Cancer Council
Cerebral Palsy
[bullet] United Cerebral Palsy of Rhode Island
[bullet] Adoption Rhode Island
[bullet] Family Voices of Rhode Island
[bullet] Hasbro Children's Hospital
[bullet] Meeting Street [added 11/29/01]
[bullet] NICHCY State Contact Sheet
[bullet] Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN)
Deafness and Hearing Impairments
[bullet] The Corliss Community Cooperative [added 11/29/01]
[bullet] Deaf Rhode Island Web
[bullet] Hear-RI [added 11/29/01]
[bullet] Relay Rhode Island
[bullet] Rhode Island Association of the Deaf
[bullet] Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
[bullet] Self Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHH) - Sargent Chapter
Developmental Disabilities
[bullet] The Arc
[bullet] Blackstone Valley Chapter
[bullet] CranstonArc
[bullet] Frank A. Olean Regional Center
[bullet] Kent County Chapter [added 11/29/01]
[bullet] The Groden Center [added 11/29/01]
[bullet] Institute for Developmental Disabilities at Rhode Island College (Rhode Island University Affiliated Program)
[bullet] Rhode Island Department of Mental Health, Retardation & Hospitals
[bullet] Rhode Island Developmental Disabilities Council
[bullet] Rhode Island Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Federation
[bullet] Rhode Island Department of Education, Office of Special Needs
[bullet] Rhode Island Disability Determination Services
See also Wish Organizations
Health (General)
[bullet] Rhode Island Department of Health
[bullet] Rhode Island Department of Mental Health, Retardation & Hospitals
Heart Disorders
[bullet] American Heart Association - New England Affiliate
[bullet] Hospice Care of Rhode Island
Independent Living
[bullet] Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL)
Learning Disabilities
[bullet] Learning Disabilities Association of Rhode Island
[bullet] Rhode Island Department of Human Services - Learning Disabilities Project
[bullet] Rhode Island State Resources (LD OnLine)
[bullet] Rhode Island State Resources Literacy and Learning Disabilities
Mental Illness
[bullet] KEN Mental Health Services Databases - Rhode Island
[bullet] Mental Health Advancement Resource Center
[bullet] NAMI Rhode Island Island (the Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Rhode Island)
[bullet] Rhode Island Department of Mental Health, Retardation & Hospitals
[bullet] Rhode Island Mental Health Advocate
Mental Retardation
See Developmental Disabilities
Multiple Sclerosis
[bullet] National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Rhode Island Chapter
[bullet] Rhode Island Office of Rehabilitation Services
Residential Facilities
[bullet] Rhode Island Residential Facilities for the Disabled (from Medical Online)
Respite Care
[bullet] National Respite Locator Service - Puerto Rico and Rhode Island Respite Programs
Sports and Recreation
[bullet] Shake-a-Leg
[bullet] Special Olympics Rhode Island
[bullet] Project ACTION Accessible Traveler's Database - Rhode Island Cities
Vocational Rehabilitation
[bullet] Rhode Island Vocational Rehabilitation
Wish Organizations
[bullet] Make-A-Wish Foundation of Rhode Island
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