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Wheelchairs and Scooters

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Need information about wheelchairs? Check these sites.
[bullet] ABLEDATA Fact Sheets and Informed Consumer Guides
This excellent (though somewhat dated) series of publications provides guidance on selecting wheelchairs.
[bullet] RehabCentral
Geared for clinicians, this nicely designed web site offers a formalized process for assessing clients' mobility needs, selecting appropriate wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories, and justifying recommendations for insurance purposes. There are also articles, message boards, chat rooms, and other interactive features. Users should exercise caution, though: manufacturers and suppliers pay to have their products listed.
[bullet] Rehabilitation Research Engineering Center on Wheeled Mobility at the University of Pittsburgh
Provides information about the research and publications of this federally funded program. Links to a separate home on Wheelchair Standards Information.
[bullet] Wheelchair Selection: An ALS Patient Guide
An overview by a physical and occupational therapist.
[bullet] WheelchairJunkie.com
A must visit for wheelers, Mark E. Smith's web site is filled with upfront wheelchair reviews, practical articles with titles like "Pushing the Money Trail -- A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Wheelchair Pricing" and "Evel, Sleaze, Dope, and Wheelchair Advertisements," columns, a message board, and much more. While the opinions are obviously personal, there is no advertising or other obvious conflict of interest.  
[bullet] WheelchairNet[starred entry]
WheelchairNet is "a [virtual] community for people who have have a common interest in (or in some cases a passion for) wheelchair technology and its improvement and successful application." The "Community Living Resources" section is packed with information and links to resources for living, managing, and enjoying every day life when using a wheelchair. A very extensive list of product manufacturers is included. Other sections include "Wheelchair University," "Products and Services," "Discussion Area," and "Town Hall." Navigation is a bit confusing; we suggest using the site map.
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