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  The Disability Resources Monthly (DRM) Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet

Disability Resources Monthly – Back Issues

 Updated 2/2002

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The following is a brief guide to topical articles that have appeared in Disability Resources Monthly. In addition to these articles, each issue features a wide variety of new and noteworthy resources for adults and children (including many free, inexpensive and hard-to-find materials), questions and answers, and other regular columns. A printable list of recent back issues is available in pdf format. To read or download it, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  Volume IX (August 2001 – present)

  Volume VIII (August 2000 – July 2001)

  Volume VII (August 1999 – July 2000)

  Volume VI (August 1998 – July 1999)

  Volume V (August 1997 – July 1998)

  Volume IV (August 1996 – July 1997)

  Volume III (August 1995 – July 1995)

  Volume II (August 1994 – July 1995)

  Volume I (August 1993 – July 1994)

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No. 8, MARCH 2002
Disability Info on a Disk
All in the Family: Learning Disability Resources
Taxing Topics: IRS Resources for People with Disabilities


No. 7, FEBRUARY 2002
Personal Safety: Resources for Self-Defense
Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms
Multiple Sclerosis: From Initiation to Inspiration


No. 6, JANUARY 2002
Designing for Everyone: Recent Resources About Universal Design
Let’s Talk About It: Resources That Promote Communication Skills
Beyond Bones: Resources for Living with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Osteoporosis


No. 5, DECEMBER 2001
Pack Your Bags with Accessible Travel Books
Disability in the 20th Century: A Cultural Perspective
Last-Minute Gifts: Books for Kids


No. 4, NOVEMBER 2001
Making Life Easier: Resources for Independent Living
Autistic Spectrum Disorders: New Resources for Parents & Teachers
See for Yourself: Macular Degeneration Resources
Without Sight or Sound: Biographies of Women with Deaf-Blindness


No. 3, OCTOBER 2001
From Personal to Professional: Books About Visual Impairments
Promoting Employment: Resources for Service Providers
Fabulous Freebees in Special Formats


No. 2, SEPTEMBER 2001
Going to the Dogs: Resources About Canines
Traumatic Brain Injury: Realities and Resources
Star Bright, Star Light: Free Interactive Multimedia Programs for Kids and Teens with Serious Illnesses


No. 1, AUGUST 2001
The Half Full Glass: Living with Disability
Learning About Disabilities: Nonfiction Books for Children
A Pot Pourri of Nifty Online Services


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Note: This page lists the titles of topical articles only. For a complete list of books, videos, and other resources appearing in Volume VI, see the INDEX to Volume VIII.


No. 12, JULY 2001
A Novel Idea: Disability-Themed Fiction
Parenting Tales and Tips: Memoirs and Resources
The medical Money Maze: Getting Help for your Health
New Editions: Two of the Best Disability Reference Books Updated
INDEX to Volume VIII


No. 11, JUNE 2001
A Helping Hand: Caregiving Resources

When Speech Fails: Resources About Communication Options for People with Speech Impairments
Back to Basics: Two New SCI Guides


No. 10, MAY 2001

Disability Videos on a Budget

Keeping Current: New Polio and PPS Resources
Including Children with Disabilities in Physical Education

No. 9, APRIL 2001
High Tech, Low Tech: More AT Resources

School and Beyond: Teens with LD and ADHD
Sexuality, Parenting, and Mental Retardation: Resources for the 21st Century


No. 8, MARCH 2001
Now Hear This! Resources on Hearing Impairments
Kids with Disabilities: Resources for Families
Quick Takes for Travelers


No. 7, FEBRUARY 2001
Women’s Issues: A Grab Bag of Resources
Federal Program Information for Individuals with Disabilities: Tax Preparation Assistance; Student Aid Information
Work-Related Benefits for People with Disabilities: Two Great Resources


No. 6, JANUARY 2001
Ready References: Three Great Disability Reference Books of 2000
Disability Statistics for the New Millenium
Living & Learning with Learning Differences: Videos


No. 5, DECEMBER 2000
Young Adult Books: Hits and Misses

Living with Diabetes: Four “Must-Have” Books – and More

Enforcing the ADA.: 1990-2000


No. 4, NOVEMBER 2000

Living Space: Universal Design “Know How”

Assisting People with Vision Loss

Cool Catalogs (special insert)

Viewpoints: Disability in Fact & Fiction


No. 3, OCTOBER 2000
Work It Out: Employment Resources for People with Disabilities
Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Resources for Adaptive Driving
Do the Disability-Dot-Coms Have What It Takes?


No. 2, SEPTEMBER 2000
Skill Building: Learning and Living for People with Learning Disabilities
Sight & Sound: Guides to Finding Information in Alternative Formats
Oral Options: Video Resources on Oral/Auditory Communication


No. 1, AUGUST 2000
Girl Talk: Women’s Issues and Disability
Assistive Technology in the 21st Century: Where Are We…?
Can We Talk? Communicating with Medical Professionals


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Note: This page lists the topical articles only. For a complete list of books, videos, and other resources appearing in Volume VII, see the INDEX to Volume VII.


No. 12, JULY 2000
Disability Reference Books: Are They Worth Their Weight?
More Alike Than Different: Resources for and about Children with Disabilities
INDEX to Volume VII


No. 11, JUNE 2000
Disability Policy, Programs and Planning: Resources for the New Millennium
Living with: Upper Limb Disabilities; Facial Differences
From Past to Present: New Publications in Alternative Formats


No. 10, MAY 2000
Mental Health: Three Perspectives
Picture This: Books About Disability for Young Children
Information Access: Two New Resources for Librarians


No. 9, APRIL 2000
Get a Move On: Living with a Mobility Impairment
A Different View: Living with Visual Impairment
Living with Diabetes: Helpful Advice and Personal Accounts


No. 8, MARCH 2000

Tax Tips: IRS Resources and Services for People with Disabilities

Learning the Facts: Learning Disabilities Through the Lifespan

Parent Power: Help for Parents of Children with Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida


No. 7, FEBRUARY 2000
A Little Romance: Resources on Sexuality
Super Sites for Surfers Who Are Blind
Dress for Success: New Resources for Adapting Clothing


No. 6, JANUARY 2000
Day by Day in Y2K: Living Well with Disabilities
Technology Resources for the New Millennium
Unlocking the Puzzle: Tourette Syndrome Resources


No. 5, DECEMBER 1999
Great Guides for Toy Shoppers
Hearing Loss: Cultural Aspects and Practical Advice
Moving On: Raising Children with Neuromuscular Disorders


No. 4, NOVEMBER 1999
Clarifying the ADA
Learning Resources for Educators and Parents
Kool Learning Tools for Kids
Finding Disability Information on the Internet: A Guide for Newbees
Evaluating Disability Information on the Internet
Financing Health Care: Key Services


No. 3, OCTOBER 1999
Surviving and Thriving: Memoirs of Life After Trauma and Illness
Design for Aging: Resources to Help Older Adults Live Independently in Their Own Homes
Family Values: Parenting Stories & Strategies


No. 2, SEPTEMBER 1999
Help for Financial Caregivers
Resources for Raising Deaf Children


No. 1, AUGUST 1999

Making a Difference: Resources to Raise Awareness

Polio: A New Look at an Old Disease

At the Center of It All: Person-Centered Planning


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Note: This page lists the titles of topical articles only. For a complete list of books, videos, and other resources appearing in Volume VI, see the INDEX to Volume VI.


No. 12, JULY 1999

“Pawsing” to Consider Animals

Behind the Stacks: The Librarian’s Bookshelf

Listen to This! A Trio of Resources on Hearing Loss and Deafness

INDEX to Volume VI


No. 11, JUNE 1999

Safety First! Resource to Help Build Emotional and Physical Insecurity

Taking Charge: Resources on Wellness and Recovery

Disability Graphics for Your Web Site

Spinal Center No. 11 – Research and Resources


No. 10, MAY 1999
Helping Kids: Fabulous Free Resources
Take a Look at This! New Resources on Vision and Eye Care
Spinal Center No. 10 – College & Career; Part II – Employmeent


No. 9, APRIL 1999

Help for Helpers: Caregiver Resources
All in the Family: Disability and Family Issues
A Joint Effort: Managing Arthritis and Lupus
Spinal Center No. 9 – College & Career; Part I – Higher Education


No. 8, MARCH 1999

Movers and Shakers: A Look at Disability Advocacy Resources
Breathing Easy: Advice on Asthma
Taxing Times: IRS Services for People with Disabilities
Spinal Center No. 8 – Women on Wheels (Plus… Guides to Children’s Resources


No. 7, FEBRUARY 1999

Never Too Late to Come Home: Independent Living

Mental Health: A Trio of Resources for Consumers and Caregivers

Kids Stuff: Books By and For Children with Disabilities

Spinal Center No. 7 – Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage


No. 6, JANUARY 1999

Disability: Personal and Political Perspectives

Some Help Along the Way: Resources for Parents & Teachers

Better But Not Best: A New Complete Directory for People with Disabilities

Spinal Center No. 6 – Personal Assistants (Plus… Back to Basics)


No. 5, DECEMBER 1998

Opening the Doors to Worship: Religious Access for People with Developmental Disabilities

Getting Personal, Going Public

Disability Publications: Borrowing Books and Buying Wisely

Spinal Center No. 5 – Sports & Leisure


No. 4, NOVEMBER 1998

Seeing What’s New in Vision Loss Resources

Keeping Up with a New IDEA

Spinal Center No. 4 – Travel


No. 3, OCTOBER 1998

When the Going Gets Rough: Guides to Accessible Transportation

The Disability Experience in Popular Culture

Money Matters: Help with Costly Prescription Drugs

Spinal Center No. 3 – Assistive Technology & Wheelchairs


No. 2, SEPTEMBER 1998

Let Your Computer Do the Walking: Disability Directories on CD-ROM

Learning Disabilities; A Potpourri of Recent Resources

Spinal Center No. 2 – Accessible Homes


No. 1, AUGUST 1998

Tech Tots: Helping Children Live and Learn with Technology

Polio, Past and Present

Finding Braille and Audio Books OnLine

Spinal Center No. 1 – Basic Resources


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No. 12, JULY 1998

Surviving and Thriving with Disability

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

INDEX to Volume V


No. 11, JUNE 1998

Calming the Chaos: Helping Older Children and Teens with ADD/ADHD

What’s Cooking? Resources on Nutrition and Food Preparation

Special Kids, Special Parents: Adopting Children with Disabilities


No. 10, MAY 1998

Disability Rights: A New Perspective

Speaking Up: Resources on Speech Disorders

Filling the Gap: A New Disability Directory from Ferguson


No. 9, APRIL 1998

No Parking? Resources for Drivers and Designers

Help for Parents and Caregivers

From Horses to Hearing Help: Cool Catalogs


No. 8, MARCH 1998

From “Mother Goose” to “Goosebumps”: Children’s Braille Books

Get a (Tax) Break: Resources for Filers with Disabilities

College Bound: Educating the Educators


No. 7, FEBRUARY 1998

Back to Basics: Where to Get Help

Speaking Out: Necessary Communications


No. 6, JANUARY 1998

Barking Up the Right Tree: How Animals Change the LIves of People with Disabilities

The Many Faces of Self-Advocacy

Find it Fast (and Free)


No. 5, DECEMBER 1997

Holiday Gifts That Speak for Themselves

Taking Charge: Resources About Developmentally Disabled Children

Another Way: Life After Amputation


No. 4, NOVEMBER 1997

Good Things in Small Packages: Free & Inexpensive Resources for Parents

Disability Magazines: What’s Right for You? – 1997 Update

Magazines in Special Media: What’s New?

Letting Go: Helping and Healing at Life’s End


No. 3, OCTOBER 1997

Listen Up! A Trio of Resources About Hearing Loss

Coping Skills 101: Resources for Consumers

Inclusion Videos for Kids of All Ages


No. 2, SEPTEMBER 1997

Women of Ability; Resources by and for Women with Disabilities

Disability Law on the Internet

Don’t Sit on the Sidelines; Including Children with Disabilities in Physical Education Programs


No. 1, AUGUST 1997

Everyone’s Option: Sexuality and Disability

Cool Stuff for Kids: Winning Web Sites; Dolls with a Difference


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No. 12, JULY 1997

We’ve Come A Long Way: Resources to Celebrate the Anniversary of the ADA

Summer Reading for Kids and Teens

INDEX to Volume IV


No. 11, JUNE 1997

Taking Care: Resources for the Sandwich Generation

Just for Teens

Ingenious Ideas for Marketing Disability Products