Abuse of People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are often more vulnerable to abuse and neglect than the general population. These sites deal with some of the issues involved.

Abuse and Women with Disabilities
A fact sheet from VAWnet (a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence); includes bibliographical references.

Abuse and Women with Disabilities
Part of the website of the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities, this section features several research documents relating to the abuse of women with disabilities including an overview, prevalence information, guidelines for physicians, access to battered women’s programs, and independent living center abuse services.

Abuse of People with Disabilities
Links to a wide variety of related publications and organizations from the Women with DisAbilities website.

All Walks of Life
The mission of this Texas-based nonprofit organization is to “empower social solutions for people with disabilities. We believe that violence prevention – saving lives and quality of life issues wrap around each other to form social solutions.” Its website includes useful resources and links relating to violence and violence prevention for people with disabilities.

Beyond Abuse: Treatment Approaches for People With Disabilities
Reprinted from the journal Positive Approaches, this is a good article for health care providers.

Crime Victims With Disabilities Awareness Act (P.L. 105-301)
Signed by President Clinton in October 1998, this legislation was designed to increase public awareness of the plight of victims of crime with developmental disabilities, collect data to measure the magnitude of the problem, and develop strategies to address the safety and justice needs of victims of crime with developmental disabilities. This page provides links to the bill’s summary, status, legislative history, and text.

People with Mental Retardation & Sexual Abuse
A fact sheet from The Arc.

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