Amputation Resources Guide

The loss of a limb doesn’t have to be devastating. Check these sites for practical information and emotional support.
Amputee Coalition of America (ACA)
“The ACA Web site features information about the Amputee Coalition of America, access to the National Limb Loss Information Center, the ACA National Peer Network, and a growing collection of sites concerned with Limb Loss Research and Statistics.” Of special note is the NLLIC’s “NLLIC Virtual Library,” which features a well-organized collection of resources and links about a host of amputation-related subjects.
Amputee Information Network
This site includes information about the I-CAN Child Amputee Home Page, AMP-L Mailing List for adult amputees, ARM-AMP Mailing List for Arm Amputees, One Arm Dove Hunt Association, and links to other amputee and disability-related web sites.
This site combines the former Amputee Website, an information-packed resource for new amputees, with an online magazine, mailing list information, and links to nonprofit and personal pages.
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