Disabled Arts Resources Guide

Are you an artist, a wannabee, or an afficianado? These sites focus on the arts as careers, hobbies, and therapies for people with disabilities.
ArtDis – Art and Disabilities Home Page
This site was established to facilitate communication among artists with disabilities, organizations which are composed of and/or work with artists with disabilities, and all who have an interest in this subject. Editor’s note: this site was promising when when we first discovered it in 1998; however the 1998 calendar is still there, and the links are still under construction.
American Art Therapy Association
General information about art therapy and the association for students and professionals.
Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Worldwide (AMFPA)
This dynamic, multilingual site offers information about the association, biographical portraits of the artists, an online gallery, chat, and member forum.
National Arts and Disabilities Center (NADC)
The home page of the National Arts and Disability Center, an information, resource and training center dedicated to promoting the full inclusion of children and adults with disabilities into the visual-, performing-, media-, and literary- arts communities. The site includes links to many related arts, disability, and personal home pages.
National Coalition of Arts Therapies Associations
The home page of a coalition of organizations including the American Association for Music Therapy, the American Art Therapy Association, the American Dance Therapy Association, the National Association for Drama Therapy, the American Society for Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama, and the National Association for Poetry Therapy
National Disability Arts Forum [link not working 10/7/00]
The home page of this British based organization includes a directory of disability arts groups throughout Europe.
National Institute of Art & Disabilities (NIAD)
NIAD is a California-based organization that provides “an art environment for people with developmental disabilities which promotes creative expression, independence, dignity and community integration.” Its web site includes information about the organization and an online art gallery.
National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD)
Founded in Connecticut in 1967, the National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) is the oldest continually producing and touring theatre company in the United States. It was the first theatre company to perform in all 50 states, has toured to all seven continents and in 32 countries. NTD’s professional acting company is made up of both Deaf and Hearing Artists working together as an ensemble. The audience sees and hears every word through the NTD’s signature performance style, which combines American Sign Language (ASL) and the spoken word. The unique double-sensory experience has expanded the boundaries of theatrical expression and is considered to be the only new art form to be developed in the 20th century.
VSA Arts (formerly Very Special Arts)
“VSA arts is an International organization that creates learning opportunities through the arts for people with disabilities. The organization offers arts-based programs in creative writing, dance, drama, music and the visual arts” which are implemented through its state and international affiliates. Its web site includes an extensive online gallery and database of related online resources, as well as information about the program and its affiliates.
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