Assistive Technology – Funding

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Assistive Technology – Funding

 Updated 12/2003

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The following sites provide general information on funding assistive technology. In addition, every state has a Technology Assistance (TA) project that provides information about AT resources in its state. Web sites for state TA projects are included in The DRM Regional Resources Directory.


Alternative Financing Technical Assistance Project (AFTAP)
Sponsored by RESNA (the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America), this project provides technical assistance to State Assistive Technology Financial Loan Programs. The website is directed at state TA projects; however, consumers may want to check the link to state loan programs.

Financing Assistive Technology: Handbook for Funding
A very comprehensive handbook. Some information is dated, but the principles still apply.

Informed Consumer’s Guide to Funding Assistive Technology
A handy fact sheet from Abledata.

National Assistive Technology Advocacy Project
Operated by Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc., this federally-funded project “supports the advocacy efforts of attorneys, advocates, service agencies, persons with disabilities and their families as they seek funding for AT services and devices.” Its web site includes a series of booklets on funding AT, a compendium of court and hearing decisions relating to AT, articles, legal rulings, and the like.

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