Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is a serious traumatic brain injury caused by the vigorous shaking of an infant or young child. The brain damage can cause mental retardation, speech and learning disabilities, paralysis, seizures, blindness, hearing loss or death. For information about shaken baby syndrome, check these sites.
The SBS Alliance
This excellent website offers FAQs, prevention information, family support resources (under construction), legal/advocacy information, bibliographies, and links. Information about activities, community projects, and the site’s associated listserv are also included.
National Information, Support and Referral Service on Shaken Baby Syndrome
Based at the Child Abuse Prevention Center of Utah, this service offers a variety of national resources for parents and providers. Its web site includes frequently asked questions about SBS, a newsletter, links to research and related resources, and information about the organization.
Shaken Baby Syndrome
A fact sheet from The Arc.
Shaken Baby Syndrome Resource Centre
Lots of links to web sites and articles.
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