Check these sites for information about burn prevention, treatment and support.
Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
This nonprofit organization produces burn prevention materials and programs and provides services to burn survivors, including a summer camp for children.
American Burn Association (ABA)
The home page of this national professional organization includes includes information about the organization and its member services. Use the site’s resource directory to search for a burn care facility.
Burn Institute
A nonprofit organization concerned with burn prevention, burn care research, and burn survivor support.
Burn Survivors Online
Information and support for burn survivors, including peer group chats, e-mail lists, a contact list for newly burned patients or their families, statistics, medical information, articles, stories, product information, a Burn Survivor Profile Database containing almost 600 profiles, and more.
Burn Survivors Throughout the World (BSTTW) [updated 3/25/02]
BSTTW is an online support group for burn survivors, family, friends, and people that work with or want to learn about burn survivors. Its site offers e-mail, chats, articles, poems, polls, education, a message board, pictures, stories, newsletters, and links. Most of the materials are posted by the members.
Pearson and Pearson’s Burns and Burn-Survivor Information
Although most personal professional websites do not meet our informational criteria, this section of attorneys Pearson and Pearson’s web site is filled with useful information for burn survivors and their families. It includes general information about the nature of burn injuries, statistical data, and lots of information about online resources.
Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors
Information about this nonprofit self-help organization which helps burn survivors and their families “return to happy and productive lives following injury.”
Shrine and Shriners Hospitals
The website of the Shriners Hospitals, which specialize in orthopedic and burn care for children.
TOMA Foundation for Burned Children
The mission of the TOMA Foundation is to decrease accidents causing burns to children by educating and informing children, parents and adults. Its French/English web site includes information about the skin, burn injuries, first aid, links, and Foundation activities.
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