Charge Syndrome

CHARGE syndrome (also known as CHARGE association) refers to a specific set of birth defects whose most common features include: C = coloboma, H = heart defects, A = atresia of the choanae, R = retardation of growth and development, G = genital and urinary abnormalities, E = ear abnormalities and/or hearing loss.
CHARGE Family Support Group
The home page of a registered British charity, this web site offers general information about CHARGE, news, links, and an online forum.
CHARGE Syndrome
This personal web site “was created to inform educators about CHARGE Syndrome and the educational aspects/issues the educational team must consider when working with families that have a child diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome.” The author’s credentials are not mentioned; however, bibliographic references are included.
Charge Syndrome WebRing
Links to a variety of sites about Charge syndrome, mostly by families who want to share their experiences with others.
Charge-Like Syndrome, X-Linked
Technical information from the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database.
CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
Basic information about the disorder and the foundation.
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