Chat Rooms

Do you want to meet other people with disabilities, discuss issues with parents or professionals, or just… chat? Drop in on these online chat rooms. The sites listed below focus on cross-disability or multi-disability issues. For interactive opportunities relating to specific disabilities or issues, check websites on those topics or disabilities.
Editor’s note: Because individual preferences vary so widely, we have made no effort to evaluate these chat rooms. Some of the sites load very slowly, and most require javascript.
General interest. First time users should allow up to 5 minutes for the software to load.
General interest. Accessible through WebTV or any IRC chat software as well as the website.
Equal Access Cafe Chatroom
Part of Jum Lubin’s extensive disability website.
New Mobility Chat Rooms
General interest, from the publishers of New Mobility magazine.
WAPD Chat Rooms
Includes an open chat, a student lounge, and a special events chat.
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