Adaptive Clothing and Shoes

Sitting in a wheelchair, having only one leg, being unable to bend or button…. Disabilities pose all kinds of challenges to clothing and shoe shoppers. This page contains links to information about adaptive clothing and shoes, organizations concerned with adaptive clothing and shoes, and sites that list sources of adaptive clothing and shoes. Please note that our website criteria preclude listing individual companies that manufacture, sell or distribute specific product, unless their websites provide valuable noncommercial substantive information. You can find specific vendors listed or linked on most of the websites listed below.
Adaptive Clothing
Links to adaptive clothing companies from the Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) website.
Adaptive Clothing and Shoes
Links to adaptive clothing companies from the Family Village website.
National Odd Shoe Exchange
Brief information about this international organization that matches up people with odd-sized feet so they can swap footwear with each other.
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