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Sometimes called “crip culture,” the arts and politics of the contemporary disability scene are well reflected in these web sites.
Disability Culture [added 2/20/2002]
This issue of the Institute on Independent Living Newsletter provides a brief overview of the disability culture, along with annotated lists of pertinent articles, books, websites, and more.
The web site of the DIMENET newsgroup and the Institute on Disability Culture, this site aims to provide a forum for disability culture, to share information, and to provide examples. It is primarily a hypertext index to the archives of the Institute on Disability Culture NEXT RENAISSANCE Newsgroup. (When we checked in December 1998, the most recent archives were from March.)
New Mobility
The popular print magazine goes online, with selected articles reflecting contemporary disability culture, message board, chat rooms, and links.
On A Roll Radio
A live weekly radio talk devoted to the disability movement, Greg Smith’s On A Roll airs Sundays at 9 pm eastern time on the Talk America Radio Network.
Uppity Disability Internet Resources
A marvelous mix of arts and politics, this site features updates and lots of links to what’s hot in disability, from the literary to the livid. There’s also a chat room and message board.
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