Looking for information about depression? Here are some good places to start.
All About Depression
Written by a psychologist (but not self-promoting), this site really is “all about depression.” Readable and easy to navigate, it provides good information about causes, diagnosis, treatment, medication, resources, and other topics. Some of the sections were still “under construction” when we last checked in August 2001.
Andrew’s Depression Page
This well-organized personal home page links to dozens of useful articles about various aspects of depression. Topics covered include frequently asked questions, writings by people with depression, treatment options, therapy, general depression links, depression in children and adolescents, suicide links, and more. Though still very useful, this page was no longer being maintained when we last checked in August 2001.
Dr. Ivan’s Depression Central
This extensive site by a psychiatrist / clinical psychopharmacologist links to useful articles about many aspects of depression and other mood disorders. Topics cover the gambit from premenstrual dysphoria to major illnesses, genetics to clinical studies, with many links to support groups.
McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Web
This engrossing personal website by a man who grew up with depression features a series of well-written personal articles, an excellent collection of briefly annotated and rated links, news, an extensive collection of well-written book reviews (linked to, of course), an online forum, and a chat room.
National Institute of Mental Health: Depression
This section of the NIMH website includes a wide range of authoritative booklets, fact sheets and summaries for the public; clinical trials; information for researcers, and more.
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