Doctor Finders

Looking for a doctor? These sites can help you find doctors by specialty or geographic area, or verify the credentials of specific physicians.
ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties) – Who’s Certified? [updated 4/1/01]
This easy-to-use service “allows the public to verify FREE OF CHARGE the board certification status, location by city and state and specialty of any physician certified by one or more of the 24 Member Boards of the ABMS.”
AIM (Administrators in Medicine) DocFinder
A program of the Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors, this web site offers a database of health professionals licensed by participating state medical boards. Approximately 20 states are represented. Searches can be conducted by name, town and license number. Links to the participating boards’ home pages are also provided.
Note: For links to other state medical boards, including some who are not AIM members, check the the Federation of State Medical Boards’ links.
AMA (American Medical Association) Physician Select On-Line Doctor Finder
The AMA Physician Select claims to provide information on virtually every licensed physician in the U.S. and its possessions, including more than 650,000 doctors of medicine (MD) and doctors of osteopathy or osteopathic medicine (DO). According to the site, “All physician credential data have been verified for accuracy and authenticated by accrediting agencies, medical schools, residency training programs, licensing and certifying boards, and other data sources.” Searches can be conducted by name or medical specialty.
Medical Specialty Societies
Information about medical specialities, sometimes including membership information, can be obtained from professional organizations such as the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, the American College of Gastroenterology. the American Thoracic Society, etc. The American Medical Association’s James S. Todd Memorial Library web site provides links to National Medical Speciality Societies.
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