Service Dogs and Animals For People With Disabilities

Service dogs (and other animals) provide assistance to individuals with a wide range of disabilities. In the broadest sense, they include assistance dogs for people with mobility impairments, hearing dogs, guide dogs for people who are blind, therapy dogs, and dog partners. The sites listed below provide general information about service dogs. Due to space limitations, individual service dog schools and centers are not included; however, you can find them on several of the sites described below.

Information About Service Dogs

ADA Requirements: Service Animals
American Kennel Club

Guide Dogs

Guide Dog Foundation
Guide Dog Users, Inc.
Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.
Guide Dogs of America
National Association of Guide Dog Users
The Seeing Eye

Service Dogs

America’s VetDogs
Assistance Dogs International
Canine Companions for Independence
New Horizons Service Dogs
Paws With a Cause
Pet Partners
Service Dogs For America
Service Dogs Inc.

Traveling with Service Animals

U.S. Department of Transportation Rules