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  The Disability Resources Monthly (DRM) Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet

Contact Us… to find information on our website

 Updated 5/2004

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The Disability Resources website is very easy to use. Basically, the WebWatcher is arranged alphabetically by subject or disability, and the Regional Resources Directory is arranged alphabetically by state. If you are having difficulty finding specific topics, disabilities, organizations, etc. on our website, please read the introductions to each section, and try these steps before contacting us.


To find resources about a specific disability or topic, read the tips for using The DRM WebWatcher or go to the complete index and check as many likely topics as possible.


To find resources in a specific state or city, just choose your state in the DRM Regional Resources Directory and go from there.


To find any keyword anywhere in the website, enter the topic, disability, organization, etc. in the “search box” on the homepage. Don’t use generic terms like disability, disabled, impaired, the, and, it. And please read our search tips – they will really help.


If you are still unable to locate the subject that interests you, send an e-mail message to We will try to direct you to the proper page on our website, if there is one.


We will NOT respond to requests for personal assistance, financial support, or individualized research.


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