The DRM Spinal Center

The DRM Spinal Center is a series of resource guides that describe books, videotapes, periodicals, and other resources about spinal cord injury and disease. Each guide features materials about a different topic.

No. 1, Aug. 1998 Basic Resources
No. 2, Sept. 1998 Accessible Homes
No. 3, Oct. 1998 Assistive Technology & Wheelchairs
No. 4, Nov. 1998 Travel
No. 5, Dec. 1998 Sports & Leisure
No. 6, Jan. 1999 Personal Assistants (Plus… Back to Basics)
No. 7, Feb. 1999 Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage
No. 8, Mar. 1999 Women on Wheels (Plus… Guides to Children’s Resources
No. 9, Apr. 1999 College & Career; Part I – Higher Education
No. 10, May 1999 College & Career; Part II – Employment
No. 11, June 1999 Research and Resources
No. 12, July 1999 INDEX to Volume VI

The DRM Spinal Center was designed to make librarians more aware of spinal cord injury and disease and to provide them with an easy-to-use tool to select appropriate materials for their collections. “There are lots of wonderful resources to help people with spinal cord injuries live independent, healthy, productive lives,” says DRM Managing Editor Julie Klauber, “but many people are unaware of them or can’t afford them. Public libraries can offer a cost-effective solution.”

Funded through a grant from the Paralyzed Veterans of America Spinal Cord Injury and Education and Training Foundation, The DRM Spinal Center was included in every issue of the award-winning newsletter Disability Resources Monthly (DRM) from August 1998 through July 1999. During that time period, DRM and The DRM Spinal Center were distributed, free of charge, to 2,000 of the nation’s largest public libraries. The DRM Spinal Center was also provided, free of charge, to all regular DRM subscribers.

The project is currently in its evaluation phase. Organizations and individuals seeking back issues of DRM and The DRM Spinal Center may be able to find them through their local public library. They may also be purchased for $3.50 each ($4.50 outside the U.S.) while the supply last.