The DRM WebWatcher is a subject guide to the best disability resources on the Internet. This page explains what The DRM WebWatcher is and how to find specific topics or disabilities in it. To use The WebWatcher most effectively, please take a minute to read the rest of the page!
If you’re in a real hurry and want to skip right to the topics, go to the complete index, the alphabet index on the masthead of every page, or the search engine on the home page.
About The DRM WebWatcher
The Internet is filled with information to help people with disabilities live independently – but how can you find it? Traditional search engines may be too broad and indiscriminate; lists of links may be too small, too specialized, or too unreliable. To help Disability Resources Monthly (DRM) subscribers and others, Disability Resources combs the web regularly to find the best resources available. We review each site, and then organize them by topic or disability.
The DRM WebWatcher features hundreds of topics and disabilities, each on a separate page. Each topic or disability page includes links to the best web sites, documents, databases, and other informational materials of national or international interest. (If you’re looking for organizations serving your own state or locality, use The DRM Regional Resource Directory instead.) The links have been personally selected by the staff of DRM and meet our selection criteria. Most are annotated, briefly described, and/or cross-referenced to related subjects.
How To Use The DRM WebWatcher
To find specific topics or disabilities in The DRM WebWatcher, use the complete index, the alphabet index on the masthead of every page, or the search engine on the home page.
The complete (main) index is an alphabetical guide to every subject and disability in The DRM WebWatcher. When you link to the complete index, just scroll down to find the topic(s) that interest you. The list is fairly long, so it may take a few extra seconds to load (depending on the speed of your modem and the time of day you’re visiting) – but it’s well worth it! You’ll find a link to the complete index at the end of the alphabet index on the masthead of every page.
The alphabet index on the masthead of every page will lead you to a separate index page for each letter of the alphabet. Just click on the first letter of the topic or disability that interests you (e.g., “B” for blindness or “H” for housing). The alphabet index pages load more quickly than the complete index.
You can also find resources by subject with the easy-to-use search engine on our home page. The search engine finds pages in The DRM WebWatcher, The DRM Regional Resources Directory, and other sections of this site. If you’re having difficulty using the search engine or want to conduct advanced searches, check the search tips.
For more information about The DRM WebWatcher, see the About/Hints/Link page.

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