Farming and Ranching

Farming and ranching are a livelihood and way of life for millions of Americans. Every year, tens of thousands of individuals employed in agricultural fields experience both job-related and non-job related injuries. These sites provide information to help farmers and ranchers with disabilities keep on working.

AgrAbility Project

This site provides an overview of the AgrAbility Program, which helps people with disabilities who are employed in agriculture. The program links Cooperative Extension services with nonprofit disability service organizations to provide practical education and assistance. Eighteen states have AgrAbility Projects, and at least a half dozen others have affiliated programs.

Barn Builders Network

An overview of this informal peer support network of farmers and ranchers with disabilities across the nation, from InMotion magazine.

Breaking New Ground

Though geared primarily to Indiana, the Breaking New Ground (BNG) Resource Center is an internationally recognized source of information on rehabilitation technology relating to agricultural work sites. Its website includes information about the program and its publications (including a PDF edition of its excellent newsletter), and related links.

Equipment Locator Service

Though not specifically geared for people with disabilities, this service is a valuable resource for farmers interested in buying, selling or renting specialized equipment.

NASD Database: Documents by Topic: Farming With Disabilities

A variety of publications about farm safety and farming with disabilities from the National Ag Safety Database.

New Ergonomically Designed Tools

An article about ergonomically designed garden tools from Successful Farming magazine.

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