Heart Disorders

Looking for information about heart disorders? Try these sites for general and congenital heart disease resources.
American College of Cardiology
Geared for members, this is the web site of a professional society of over 25,000 cardiovascular physicians and scientists around the world who meet specific educational and or certification criteria.
American Heart Association
This comprehensive web site is packed with information about the heart, warning signs, family health, and stroke. If you can’t find what you want by browsing, check the helpful “Heart and Stroke A-Z Guide.” There’s also a wealth of information for professionals.
Living With Heart Disease: Is It Heart Failure?
Produced by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), this online booklet explains how and why heart failure affects your body, how to respond to symptoms, and what to expect from treatment.
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
This federal web site is an authoritative resource for consumers and professionals. The health information section is packed with resources and publications. There is also information about scientific resources, research funding, clinical trials, and other resources for scientists and practitioners.
CHASER, an organization that specializes in children born with congenital heart defects (CHD), “in utero to adult”, and also acquired heart disease in infants and children, offers information and support to parents, professionals and patients. The web site features information about the organization and its publications.
Congenital Heart Disease
Part of the Children’s Health Information Network, this nicely organized web site features sections on its “online family” (chat, e-mail lists, portraits, etc.), and a wealth of off- and on-line resources for families and professionals.
An easy-to-use site for kids with heart disease, their parents, and practitioners. Includes informational materials and opportunities for Q&A. We wish the site provided information about the PediHeart organization or HA Hennein, MD, who it says writes and maintains it.
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