Hemophilia is a sex-linked hereditary bleeding disorder where one of the plasma proteins needed to form a clot is missing or reduced. Here are some good places to find out more.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Hematologic Diseases Branch (HDB)
The HDB is mandated by Congress to reduce the complications of hemophilia and other bleeding and clotting disorders. This site provides information about the branch; the archive includes statistical documents and related material.
National Hemophilia Foundation
Information about bleeding disorders, news, research, programs, documents, and much more. Check out the new online education program.
World Federation of Hemophilia
The federation is an international nonprofit volunteer-based organization “dedicated to introducing, improving and maintaining care for persons with hemophilia and related disorders.” Its web site includes an extensive online library, a Treatment Centre Directory, product recalls and info, events, “Ask the Doc,” and an extensive, well-organized list of links and mailing lists. Visitors should note that the site is sponsored by several medical companies.
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