The light side of disabilities – online!
American Association for Therapeutic Humor
“Committed to advancing our knowledge and understanding of humor and laughter as they relate to healing and well-being,” this web site features articles, links, and (of course) lots of laughs.
Callahan OnLine
Laughs online from one of America’s foremost cartoonists, John Callahan. The “cyberquadraplegic” Callahan makes no bones about the humor in disabilities, or in almost anything else for that matter!
Deaf Jokes Mailing List
A monthly mailing of jokes by and for Deaf people.
Follow the cartoon adventures of John Lytle’s Leeder O. Men , who “sees a new future, to boldly roll where no one has rolled before.”
Joke Board @ Stump’s ‘R Us
Visitors post funnies (not necessarily disability-related) at this amputee web site.
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