Independent Living

As the Canadian Resource Centre for Independent Living describes it, “The Independent Living philosophy promotes and encourages an attitude of self-direction in consumers, enabling negotiation and access of community services and resources, and facilitating full participation in the community. The IL philosophy recognizes the right of individuals with disabilities to assume risks and make choices. Consumers are encouraged to achieve self-direction over the personal and community services needed to attain their own independent living.”
The following sites provide information about the independent living philosophy, resources and services, on a national or international level. To find an independent living center in your community, see The DRM Regional Resource Directory.
Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres (CAILC)
CAILC’s web site includes information about the history and philosophy of independent living; essays, articles and links; and more.
Disability Resources Monthly; The Newsletter That Monitors, Reviews and Reports on Resources for Independent Living
A guide to books, videotapes, pamphlets, web sites, and other resources that promote independent living.
European Network on Independent Living (ENIL)
ENIL is “the umbrella of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting Independent Living among persons with disabilities and the general public in Europe.” In addition to information about the organization and its membership, the web site includes resources on its ideological foundations of independent living.
History of Independent Living
An account of the history of the independent living movement in the U.S., from the Access Center for Independent Living in Ohio.
Impact On Line
According to Director Dick Goodwin, “The primary purpose of this Website is to preserve and promote the rich history and philosophy of the independent living movement, and present information about IMPACT, our services, personnel, values, and accomplishments.” The site includes a brief biography of Ed Roberts, the father of the independent living movement; an in-depth look at the history and philosophy of independent living and disability; articles; links; and more.
Independent Living
An extensive list of links to independent living centers and related organizations, compiled by disability policy consultant June Isaacson Kailes. [added 6/20/00]
Independent Living Research Utilization (ILRU)
A national center for information, training, research and technical assistance in independent living, the ILRU web site includes information about the program and its resources, links to centers of independent living, and sections on the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Southwest Disability Business and Technical Assistance Center, disability and managed care, personal assistance services, employment policy research, and more.