Life & Death Issues:Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, Right-to-Die

Euthanasia, assisted suicide and right-to-die are controversial issues in the disability community. This page provides links to resources on both sides of the debates.
A High Quad Defends Quality of Life — Kevorkian Argues I Would be Better Off Dead Than Alive
In this short yet powerful piece, noted poet/writer By Mark O’Brien, who spends most of his life in an “iron lung,” responds to Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s suggestion that his critics consider the quality of life for high quads living on ventilators.
Not Dead Yet
“Americans with Disabilities don’t want your pity or your lethal mercy. We want freedom. We want LIFE.” An activist organization fighting the legalization of euthanasia, Not Dead Yet provides a wealth of information, legal updates, arguments, and links supporting their cause.
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