Children with lissencephaly are born with a smooth (rather than convoluted) brain surface. They have mental retardation, poor movement control, and other developmental disabilities. Syndromes associated with lissencephaly include isolated lissencephaly sequence (ILS), Miller-Dieker syndrome (MDS), and Walker-Warburg syndrome (WWS). Check these sites for more information.
George and Richelle Law’s page
This personal home page by the parents of a child with lissencephaly includes e-mail links to other parents, support links, a forum and chat room, and personal background and photos.
Lissencaphaly Launch Pad [link updated 6/9/01]
An extensive and well-organized collection of lissencaphaly links. Topics include kids web pages, kids pictures, contact groups and support, research, genetics and clinical, the brain, feeding anticonvulsants, seizures, fun Stuff, equipment, related conditions, therapy, and more.
Lissencaphaly Network
Founded by the mother of a child with lissencephaly, the network offers a wealth of information about lissencephaly, articles, medical information, educational information, genetics, links and other resources.
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