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Listservs, discussion groups, e-mail lists — whatever you choose to call them — provide people with an opportunity to communicate with other people who have shared interests via e-mail. Some lists are open to anyone, while others are restricted. Some are moderated, some are not. To find a listserv about a particular disability or disability-related issue, check these sites.
BLIST: The Comprehensive Index of Blindness-Related Emailing Lists
This is a huge, briefly annotated list which includes listservs and newsgroups about blindness in general, specific aspects of blindness, and other disability-related topics. It takes a long time to load, so you may prefer the text-only version.
Children’s Disability List of Lists
This briefly annotated alphabetical list from the ComeUnity web site is geared for parents.
Disability Mailing Lists
A nicely annotated alphabetical list from Australia.
Disability-related Listserves and Chatrooms
A handy list from the University of Maryland. Some of the listings are dated.
Disability Resources – Mailing List Discussion Groups (Listservs)
Another good, briefly annotated list; this one is from the Ohio Legal Rights Service.
ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education – E-mail Lists (Discussion Groups)[added 12/5/01]
This excellent and well-organized list is divided by topic (e.g., Adaptive/Assistive Technology, Disability/Legal Issues) as well as specific disabilities. Subscription information is provided for each listserv. Although the list is focused on education issues, visitors will discussion groups on many rare disorders, parenting with a disability, drama and disability, abuse and disability, personal care assistance, women only, etc.
Family Village Coffee Shop
Lists online connections including discussion boards and chat rooms within Family Village,
disability-related mailing lists, general disability on-line discussion groups (including chat rooms, IRCs, mailing lists, newsgroups, and web boards), and a Pen Pal directory from Discover Technology. Traditional matching services and personal web pages are also included.
Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities List Server’s List
An excellent list of listservs relating to developmental disabilities; not annotated.
Rehabilitation-Related Discussion, List and, E-Mail Resources on Internet
An excellent, annotated list from the RESNA special interest group on computer applications. Some of the listings are dated.
If you don’t find an appropriate listserv on the sites mentioned above, check these general listserv resources:
CataList, the Official Catalog of Listserv Lists
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
Topica: Email Newsletters, Tips & Discussions You Choose (formerly Liszt Directory of Email Discussion Groups)
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