There are so many great magazines for people with disabilities! This section links to the websites of some of the most popular “cross disability” magazines that are available in print. Most of them also have extensive websites.
For hundreds of other disability-related magazines, newsletters, etc. check the indexes at the bottom of this page.
Popular Cross-Disability Print Periodicals
Note: Enable, Mainstream, and TeamRehab magazines are no longer being published; links to their websites have been removed.
Ability is a glossy magazine which focuses on high profile personalities such as President Clinton, Camryn Manheim, Alexandra Paul, Mary Tyler Moore, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jane Seymour. Its website features sample articles from current and past issues with subscription information. There is also a small collection of related news, conferences, links, etc.
Ability Network: Canada’s Cross Disability Magazine [link not working 11/23/01]
The online edition of this well-rounded, reasonable priced magazine features full text articles. However, the most recent edition on the web site (as of May 2000) is Spring 1998.
Disability Resources Monthly (DRM)
Geared for libraries, independent living centers, disability advocates, rehabilitation facilities, OTs and PTs, educators, health and social service providers, and interested consumers and their family members, DRM monitors, reviews and reports on resources for independent living. Each concise, information-packed issue features short topical articles, reviews, and news about free, inexpensive, and hard-to-find books, pamphlets, videotapes, online sources, and organizations about such diverse topics as consumers’ guides to wheelchairs, ADA training tools, new books and videos about adapting computers, guidebooks for travelers with disabilities, Internet resources for parents of children with disabilities, free guides to accessible transportation, adaptive clothing resources, and much more. DRM contains no advertising. Produced by the same nonprofit organization that developed and maintains The DRM Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet, DRM is not available online. This section of our web site will guide you to this month’s DRM features, a list of DRM back issues, reviews, free samples, and ordering information.
Electric EDGE
This website is the online edition of The Ragged Edge, a disability advocacy magazine that isn’t afraid to speak up about injustices. The site features selections from the magazine with relevant links and subscription information.
The online companion to Exceptional Parent magazine is geared to parents of children with disabilities. Separate sections include resources, toys, health care, and technology, as well as subscription information.
Mouth [link not working 11/23/01]
Check this web site for an online sample of this hard-hitting “piss on pity” magazine, and subscription information.
New Mobility’s Interactive Cafe
The website of one of the most popular disability magazines around, New Mobility’s “interactive cafe” features links to organizations and companies, interactive opportunities via chat and message boards, a job information center, selections from current and back issues, and a bookstore and subscription information. Also listed under Internet Communities.
Report on Disability Programs
The print newsletter (also available via e-mail in Adobe Acrobat format) provides up-to-date information about laws, regulatory changes, court decisions and funding opportunities. Geared for agencies and institutions, the newsletter comes with a very hefty price tag. Find out if it’s right for you by using the online form to request free samples.
We magazine is a relatively new and heavily advertised glossy magazine, with a focus on popular culture – travel, style, and the like – as well as disability concerns. Its website is more (much more) of the same. Also listed under Internet Communities.
Indexes to Other Print Disability Periodicals
America’s Telability Media
This very extensive guide to disability-related magazines, newsletters, journals, radio programs, etc. can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word format. The organization’s newsletters can also be downloaded from this site.
NARIC Guide to Periodicals – Advanced Search
A database of journals, newsletters, and magazines relating to disability and rehabilitation from National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC).
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