Managed Care

The trend toward managed care is of great concern to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Check out these sites for information and guidance.

Managed Care (Health Care Financing Administration)

Managed Care and Administration (Mental Health Net)

Mental Health Net’s “Managed Care” section includues a glossary, discussion forum, an archive of news articles, and annotated links to other sites.

Managed Care Handbook:A Resource Guide for Consumers, Families, and Advocates (The Shriver Center)

MCARE (The National Clearinghouse on Managed Care and Long-Term Services and Supports for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families)

Medicare Compare

This extensive online database from the Health Care Financing Administration allows users to “comparison shop” for managed care plans available to Medicare beneficiaries. You can use the database to search all of the plans in your zip code and compare costs for premiums and types of services offered.

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