Disability News

Looking for the latest-breaking disability-related stories on the web? Recent updates on disability legislation or events? The latest research discoveries? The following sites offer regularly updated news about current disability-related legislation and events, medical reports, and related topics. Please note that the web sites listed on this page provide disability news in the broadest sense. For news about particular subjects or disabilities, check the appropriate WebWatcher pages (e.g., education, housing, multiple sclerosis, etc.). Use the The DRM WebWatcher indexes or the site search engine. For state or local disability news, check The DRM Regional Resource Directory.
Action Alerts
The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law web site offers regularly updated “alerts” about legal and advocacy issues affecting people with mental disabilities.
BusinessWeek Online – Assistive Technology [added 4/1/01]
This weekly column by John M. Williams addresses a wide range of disability news items and issues. The “assistive technology” in the title can be viewed in the broadest sense, with recent columns addressing such diverse topics as people with disabilities on television game shows, President Bush’s disability agenda, and an interview with Jesse Ventura.
CNN Interactive – Health
CNN’s health page features current health news and general health and medical information. Though not specifically disability-related, it’s a good place to find that story your friend’s cousin heard on TV….>
International News Ticker
A guide to current happenings around the world from the “Disability Information for Students” web site. Includes a scrolling hypertext ticker to “headlines” as well as links arranged by country.
Justice for All E-Mail Network
Justice For All works “with national and state organizations of people with disabilities to get the word from Washington D.C. out to the grassroots.” Sign up here for regular news alerts, or check out the archives for recent messages.
National News
An excellent monthly report on news affecting the disability community from the Illinois-based Council for Disability Rights.
New York Times Syndicate – PR Newswire
The latest news about health and medicine from Your Health Daily. Geared for the media, this site features daily health-related news releases. A topical list and keyword search are also available.
Yahoo World Full Coverage – Disabilities and the Disabled
Updated daily, this page features links to disability-related news articles from news services like AP and Reuters, major city newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, and other news sources.
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