Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome

Many people who had polio years ago are now experiencing debilitating late-onset effects. Check these sites for information, resources and support.
Gazette International Networking Institute (GINI)
GINI coordinates the International Polio Network, which provides information to polio survivors, their families, and the health care community and promotes networking among the post-polio community; the Post-Polio Task Force, which includes clinicians and researchers who specialize in diagnosing and treating polio survivors with symptoms of post-polio syndrome; and the International Ventilator Users Network. Its website (which is a bit difficult to navigate – be sure to check all the groups) includes news, an extensive directory of self-identified clinics, health professionals and support groups, frequently asked questions, membership and publication information, and more.
Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network
This website offers an extensive, cataloged library of full-text articles on polio and post-polio, as well as general information, short news items, networking opportunities, and links.
Philip’s Quick Start Post Polio Information Website
A post-polio survivor provides basic information such as: I’ve Had Polio; What Now?; A Three Point Strategy; How Do I Find A Post Polio Doctor?; Networking With Others; Forming A Survival Strategy; links.
Polio Experience Network (P.E.N.)
Another overly-busy but packed-with-information website that is worth exploring. This Washington-based group provides general information about PPS, a newsletter, resources for students, support group information, conferences, links, and more.
Post-Polio Fact Sheet
This authoritative, one-page guide from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke covers definitions, causes, diagnosis, treatment, research, resources and more.
Post-Polio Syndrome Central
Despite its overly busy front page, this personal website is well-organized, current, and packed with PPS resources, including a calendar of events, a very extensive array of PPS and related links, information about related discussion lists and news groups, and more. We hesitate slightly because there is no explanation of who sponsors or authors the site.
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