Frequently Asked Questions About Disabilities

The Disability Resources Monthly “Readers Ask” column responds to common (and not-so-common) queries every month. The sources we recommend may be books, government documents, pamphlets, organizations, or web sites like the ones you can link from below.
Help! I was recently disabled. Where can I turn for help?
Are there any organizations that give scholarships to students with disabilities?
How can I find other parents whose children have the same disability as my child?
Where can I download software to facilitate one-handed typing?
Where can I find a copy of “Welcome to Holland” [an inspiring essay about raising a child with a disability]?
Where can I get information about personal care assistants?
Can Disability Resources help me with an individual or personal problem?
Where can I financial assistance?
Where can I find information about specific disorders?
How can I find information about very rare disorders that are not included in The DRM WebWatcher or similar sources?
IEP? ADA? IDEA? CP? MCS? OT? All these disability acronyms have me so confused! Is there a quick list of disability related acronyms?
Where can I get information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) amendments?
Are there any sites that review assistive technology?
Where can I find out about current conferences and meetings relating to people with disabilities?
Are there any good resources for caregivers on the Internet?
What kinds of listservs are available for people with disabilities?
Where can I get information on inexpensive pamphlets and other resources for our disability resource center?
Where can I get information about sports for people with disabilities?
I’m interested in traveling with a friend who uses a wheelchair; what sites can be helpful in our planning?
Where can I find help in my own community?
Where can I find out about designing web sites which are accessible to people with disabilities?
Where can I get disability-related statistics?
I am concerned about the impact of changes in managed care and Supplemental Security Income on my child; are there any sites that deal with these issues?