Sign Language

Interested in sign language? Here are some great resources about American Sign Language (ASL), as well as other forms of sign language around the world.
This page is divided into three sections: dictionaries, other resources and related subjects.
The following are some useful online ASL dictionaries. Because ASL is a visual language, we have included only those dictionaries that offer video or animated definitions. Please note that some of these dictionaries use scripts that may be incompatible with particular browsers. Links to additional dictionaries can be found in other resources.
A Basic Guide to ASL
This dictionary includes animated and text definitions. There’s a search tool, too, but you need to go through multiple pages to get to the definition.
Other Resources
About American Sign Language
Karen Nakamura’s overview of ASL linguistics, ASL as a foreign language, learning ASL, ASL educational programs, and ASL dictionaries.
American Sign Language Fonts
A variety of downloadable fonts for Macintosh and Windows.
ASL Activities, Books, & Teaching Materials for Students of All Ages
This personal home page provides links to ASL teacher associations, activities, books, lectures, reviews, deaf culture resources, ASL resources, and videotexts.
Deaf Sign Language
This section of the Ethnologue Database provides information about sign languages around the world.
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)
RID administers the National Testing System that certifies interpreters. It also provides various support services to practicing interpreters, students of interpretation, and persons who share an active interest in the field of interpretation.
The focus here is on written sign language, with lots of lessons, resources, FAQs, children’s stories and more.
Related Subjects
Deafness and Hearing Impairments
Resources in your state