Sports and Recreation – Specific Sports

This section features U.S. and international resources that deal with specific sports; it is arranged alphabetically by sport. For general disability sports sites, paralympic information, and regional and local groups, see the related subjects listed below.
Disability Sports – Swimming [link updated 1/27/02]
Diverlink – Diving for the Disabled [link updated 5/25/01]
International Association for Handicapped Divers (IAHD) [link updated 1/19/02]
United States Aquatic Association of the Deaf
USA Swimming – Adapted Swimming [link updated 1/27/02]
See also Sailing, Scuba Diving, Water Polo
Disability Sports – Archery [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Archery
IPC Archery
United Foundation for Disabled Archers
See also Hunting
Freedom’s Wings International
International Wheelchair Aviators
Disability Sports – Badminton [link updated 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Softball [link updated 1/27/02]
National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) [link added 1/27/02]
National Softball Association of the Deaf (NSAD) [link not working 1/27/02]
National Wheelchair Softball Association (NWSA) [link added 1/27/02]
Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Association
Disability Sports – Basketball [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Wheelchair Basketball
International Wheelchair Basketball Federation [link confirmed 1/27/02]
National Wheelchair Basketball Association [link confirmed 1/27/02]
U.S. Olympic Team – Wheelchair Basketball
United States of America Deaf America Basketball [link confirmed 1/27/02]
See Cycling
National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association (NWPA)
Disability Sports – Boccia [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Boccia
See Archery, Hunting
American Wheelchair Bowling Association
Disability Sports – Bowling [link updated 1/27/02]
Wheelchair Bowling
See also Lawn Bowling
Disability Sports – Cycling [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Cycling
National Association for Bikers with a Disability (United Kingdom)
On Yer Bike: Tips on Bycycle [sic] Riding for Lower Limb Amputees
United States Deaf Cycling Association
United States Handcycling Federation
Dance Sport
Disability Sports – Wheelchair Dance Sport [link added 1/27/02]
See Scuba Diving
Disability Sports – Equestrian [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Equestrian Sports (Dressage)
National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy (NCEFT)
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
NDSA Equestrian [link added 4/13/02]
STRIDES Therapeutic Riding
Disability Sports – Fencing [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Fencing
International Wheelchair Fencing Committee [link added 1/27/02]
United States Wheelchair Fencing
Wheelchair Fencing
Figure Skating
See Skating
A Disabled Fisherman [added 2/1/01]
Fishing Has No Boundaries
See Aviation
Disability Sports – Goalball [link updated 1/27/02]
Association of Disabled American Golfers
Blind Golf [link added 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Golf [link updated 1/27/02]
Eastern Amputee Golf Association (EAGA)
Fore All
International Blind Golf Association (IBGA)
National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA)
Physically Challenged Golf Association
United States Blind Golf Association (ISBGA)
United States Golf Association (USGA) Resource Center for Individuals with Disabilities [added 3/2/01]
United States Golf Association – A Modification of The Rules of Golf
for Golfers With Disabilities
Western Amputee Golf Association (WAGA)
Disability Sports – Gymnastics [link added 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Handball
Disability Sports – Team Handball [link added 1/27/02]
American Amputee Hockey Association (AAHA)
Disability Sports – Floor Hockey [link added 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Ice Hockey and Ice Sledge Hockey [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Sledge Hockey
U.S. Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association
United States Sled Hockey Association
Wheelchair Hockey League Homepage
Horseback Riding
See Equestrian
Buckmasters Disabled Hunters [added 3/3/01]
Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America
See also Archery, Shooting
Ice Hockey
See Hockey
Ice Skating
See Skating
Disability Sports – Judo [link updated 1/27/02]
International Judo Tournaments for the Visually Impaired
International Paralympic Committee – Judo
Judo for Blind Athletes
See also Martial Arts
Lawn Bowling
Disability Sports – Lawn Bowls [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Lawn Bowling
Martial Arts
International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf
See also Judo
Disability Sports – Orienteering
Ping Pong
See Table Tennis
Disability Sports – Powerlifting [link added 1/27/02]
See Track and Field
Disability Sports – Racquetball
See Equestrian
Roller Skating
See Skating
Disability Sports – Wheelchair Rugby [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Wheelchair Rugby
United States Quad Rugby Association (USQRA) [link confirmed 1/27/02]
See Track and Field
Blind Sailing International
Disability Sports – Sailing [link added 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Yachting
International Foundation for Disabled Sailing (IFDS) [link confirmed 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Sailing
ISAF Disabled Sailing Information
Sailing Web: Options for Sailors with Disabilities
Scuba Diving
Handicapped Scuba Association International
See also Aquatics
Disability Sports – Biathlon
Disability Sports – Shooting [link updated 1/27/02]
See also Hunting
Disability Sports – Figure Skating [link updated 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Roller Skating [link updated 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Speed Skating [link updated 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Sledge Racing
American Blind Skiing Foundation
Disability Sports – Alpine Skiing [link updated 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Nordic Skiing [link updated 1/27/02]
Disability Sports – Biathlon
International Paralympic Committee – Alpine Skiing
Ski Central – Disabled Skiing
Ski for Light
United States Deaf Ski & Snowboard Association [link confirmed 1/27/02]
United States Ski Team – Disabled News
Sledge Racing
See Skating
Disability Sports – Snowboarding [link added 1/27/02]
United States Deaf Ski & Snowboard Association (USDSSA) [link added 1/27/02]
American Amputee Soccer Association
Disability Sports – Indoor Wheelchair Soccer
Disability Sports – Soccer (Football) [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Soccer
See Baseball
Speed Skating
See Skating
See Aquatics
Table Tennis
Disability Sports – Table Tennis [link updated 1/27/02]
Target Shooting
See Shooting
Disability Sports – Tennis [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Wheelchair Tennis
International Tennis Federation – Wheelchair Tennis [link updated 1/27/02]
U.S.A. Tennis – Wheelchair
See also Table Tennis
Track and Field
Achilles Track Club
Disability Sports – Athletics [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Athletics
United States of America Deaf Track and Field
Wheelchair Racing Resource Page
American Deaf Volleyball Association (ADVA)
Disability Sports – Volleyball [link updated 1/27/02]
International Paralympic Committee – Volleyball
Teacher Talk – Teaching Volleyball to Students with Diverse Physical Abilities
World Organisation Volleyball for Disabled (WOVD) [link confirmed 1/27/02]
Water Polo
Disability Sports – Water Polo [link updated 1/27/02]
Disaability Sports – Wrestling [link updated 1/27/02]
See Sailing
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