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Disability (U.S. Census Bureau summary)
How Many Americans Have a Disability? (Disability Statistics Center, Statistical Abstract #5)
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Access to Disability Data (InfoUse)
A basic resource for information on the prevalence, characteristics and employment of people with disabilities in the U.S. Includes data from the Chartbook on Disability in the United States, Chartbook on Work and Disability in the United States, Chartbook on Women and Disability in the United States.
Disability Statistics Center
Full text editions of the Center’s excellent statistical abstracts and reports, as well as citations to other Center documents and links to related sites. Covers many different topics and issues.
Disability Tables [link not working 12/5/01]
A wide variety of state, national and international resources from the International Center for Disability Information (icdi) at West Virginia University.
National Organization on Disability (N.O.D.) – Statistics and Surveys [updated 12/5/01]
Together with the Harris Poll, N.O.D. has conducted a variety of research surveys including the 2000 Survey of Americans with Disabilities, the 2000 Survey of Community Participation, and the Survey Program on Participation and Attitudes. In addition, N.O.D.’s website provides data from a wide range of other disability-related surveys, covering such diverse topics as “People with Disabilities Lag Far Behind People without Disabilities in Feeling Good About Their Lives, Their Communities and the Nation,” “The Disability Vote in the November 2000 Presidential Election,” “Access to Religious Services,” “Education and Disability Statistics: A Historical Perspective,” and much more.
The Research Archive on Disability in the U.S. (RADIUS)
The RADIUS project is designed to “facilitate access to the best data sets on the prevalence, incidence, correlates, and consequences of disability in the U.S.” The site describes the identified data sets, which are available for purchase.
Special Education Statistics FAQ
An ERIC guide to online resources about special education statistics.
U.S. Census Bureau Data on Disability
Official and authoritative disability data from the 1990 Census and other official census bureau publications.
U.S. Census Bureau – Americans with Disabilities: 1997
Released in March 2001 (but not part of Census 2000), these SIPP statistics provide an excellent overview of the demographics and characteristics of America’s population with disabilities.
U.S. Center for Disease Control – National Center for Health Statistics
A virtual warehouse of U.S. health-related statistics.
U.S. Social Security Administration – Office of Policy
Statistical data and research analyses of the old-age, survivors, and disability insurance (OASDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs.
Vision Problems in the U.S. [Added 4/13/02]
A report on the prevalence of adult vision impairment and age-related eye diseases in America, jointly sponsored by the National Eye Institute and Prevent Blindness America.
Also listed under Blindness and Visual Impariments.
A guide to health and health-related statistical information from the World Health Organization.
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