Substance Abuse and People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are at a higher risk for abusing alcohol and drugs than the general population, and the effects of alcohol and drugs can be worse for them. These web sites focus on prevention and treatment of substance abuse among people with physical or mental disabilities.
ATOD Resource Guide: People with Disabilities
This publication from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention describes materials and programs that can assist counselors, physical therapists, and mental health professionals in their understanding and interactions with individuals with disabilities. Includes prevention material; studies, articles, and reports; and groups, organizations, and programs.
People with Disabilities
This one-page fact sheet from the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities in prevention and intervention programs.
Substance Abuse and Disability
This page from the National Women’s Health Information Center offers links to related publications and organizations.
Substance Abuse Resources & Disability Issues (SARDI)
SARDI’s mission is to conduct research, provide collaborative consultation, and conduct training on the intersection between substance abuse and disability conditions. The web site offers information about SARDI programs, which include the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Drugs and Disability (RRTC), the Consumer Advocacy Model, and the PALS Project. There are also online links to selected SARDI publications and training manuals, an extensive online drug abuse and disability web course, personal stories, and links to other resources.
Substance Use Disorder Treatment For People With Physical and Cognitive Disabilities
Geared for professionals, this extensive treatment improvement protocol (TIP) from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration focuses on the needs of adults in treatment who have a coexisting physical or cognitive disability (including those disabilities also classified as “sensory” in nature).
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