Transverse Myelitis

For information about transverse myelitis (TM), a neurologic syndrome caused by inflammation of the spinal cord, check these sites.
Acute Transverse Myelitis
A short article from the Mereck Manual.
Cody Unser First Step Foundation
This organization was created “to generate awareness of Transverse Myelitis and promote communication nationally among hospitals and researchers who are trying to understand the condition.” Its website is primarily devoted to Cody’s story and fundraising activities.
Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelopathy Website
The website of this unique center includes information about TM, including definitions, diseases, medical slides, etc., as well as information its services.
Transverse Myelitis Association
The website of this self-help organization includes information about the symptoms, causes and diagnosis of TM, medical specialists, treatment, drugs, news articles, newsletters, additional resources, and information about the organization.
Transverse Myelitis Internet Club
In addition to information about subscribing to the club’s mailing list, this page includes information about its members, access to the list’s archives and chat room, and links to additional resources.
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