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Going abroad? Check out these travel guides for information about having an accessibly great time! Since the DRM Guide is intended primarily for American audiences and we do not have the capability of evaluating foreign language sites, only English or bilingual sites are included. Please note that we do not include commercial sites such as travel agencies unless they offer significant general, noncommercial information for travelers with disabilities.

Travel Guides for Tourists with Disabilities
Produced by the European Commission, this site includes a general guide to traveling with a disability in Europe, as well as guides to individual countries from Austria to the United Kingdom. All of the guides are in PDF format.
Australia & New Zealand
Access Brisbane
This guide to access and facilities for people with disabilities contains a database of Brisbane places with accessibility ratings. “For example, users can search for “accommodation” or “cinemas” and find a ranked list of places with details of accessible features at each place.” Stories, art, and links are also included.
Accessible Travel
This section of the Community Internet Access Project includes guides to accessible accommodation in the South Island, accessible air travel in New Zealand, and accessible travel in Australia.
South Island Accessible Accommodation Guide
This “Personal Guide To Accessible Accommodation In The South Island, Compiled By Graham Tapper, (Paraplegic), Programme Co-Ordinator, Ability Services, Burwood Hospital” provides listings of accessible facilities by city based on personal experience and adapted from the NZ Automobile Association Accommodation handbook, 1995.
Travellers Aid Disability Access Service (TADAS)
An organization that provides “support and information to people with disabilities who visit Central Melbourne.”
Bermuda (Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association) [added 2/3/02]
A compilation of useful information, ranging from disabled visitors’ badges to accessible accommodations and beaches.
The Calgary Explorer – Disability Access
Accessing transportation, hotel accommodations, fun stuff, and related information. When we last checked in September 2000, this site had not been updated since 1998.
Disability Access in the Canadian Rockies
This personal home page provides information about camping, accommodations, activities, businesses, “local scenery, and national parks. Undated. The inclusion of a form for “more information” (and lack of privacy policy) makes us concerned about possible commercial interests; we’d skip it.
Wheelchair Accessibility on Catalina Island
A useful guide to transportation, accommodations, restaurants and events.
Tourism, Culture and Disability
Sponsored by the Dodecanese Association of Disabled People, the goal of this bilingual site “is to list and catalogue hotels, archaeological sites, transports and places of interest accessible to disabled persons in the Greek Islands.” Navigation is a bit confusing, but once you get to the main menu it becomes clearer.
Access Israel
This site offers a nicely designed and easy-to-use database, but when we searched for under several different regions and categories in September 2000, we came up empty-handed. We’re keeping an eye on this one, with the hope that the database is built up.
Accessible Tokyo
This bilingual IBM guide includes access information about hotels, parks, museums, shopping, transportation, and helpful information.
England – see United Kingdom
Handitel (French and English versions)
Planning a visit to Paris? Check out this excellent guide to disability-related tourist information, organizations, and transportation resources.
Heidelberg Guide for Guests with a Disability (German and English versions)
This German/English access guide includes a wealth of information about tourism, accessible toilets, transportation, advice and assistance, banks and post offices.
MOVADO – Mobility for all!
An excellent access guide to Berlin.
Accessible Galway
This personal home page provides information about accessible restrooms; city streets and places; access to buildings, facilities and services; links; and accommodations.
DTour; A Visitors Guide to Ireland for People with Disabilities
This very useful site includes a guide to accessible accommodations (by county), “facilities” (toilets), transportation, useful addresses, and more.
Accessible Venice
Good suggestions for planning a trip from
Lower Saxony
Barrierfree through Lower Saxony
Search for cities, accommodations, restaurants, and camping in this English/German site. Searches can be limited by some accessibility features.
Netherlands [added 4/6/01]
Presented in Dutch and English, this website features a database of buildings in Rotterdam (e.g. tourist attractions, museums, galleries, restaurants, churches, theatres, cinemas) that can be searched by category and alphabetically, and can be limited by specific disability features. The search results feature a list all the buildings that meet those limitations, keyed to their ease of access. Information about accessible transport options, publications, and links to related sites, are also included. A nicely done site.
Norges Handikapforbund
Click on “English pages” and then “Accessibility Guide” for an excellent, in-depth guide to accessible traveling and accommodations.
Access Singapore; The Physically Disabled Person’s Guide to Accessible Places
This web site from the National Council of Social Service provides detailed information about the accessibility of banks, community centres, cinemas and concert halls, department stores, shopping centres and supermarkets, educational institutions, government agencies, hotels, libraries, places of interest, hospitals, and more.
Accessible Switzerland
An overview from
United Kingdom
Accessible Southport
Based on information provided by the Southport Access Group, from the experience and comments of wheelchair users living in Southport or visiting the town, this guide provides information about accessible accommodations, sights, shopping, eating, transportation, and toilet facilities. When we last checked, this guide had not been updated since 1998.
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