Disability Videos Online

The following are disability-related videos that can be viewed online using free RealPlayer software. While they don’t necessarily meet our criteria for “the best on the web” (there are simply too many for us to identify and preview), they are all interesting, informative, and noncommercial.
Note: Poor sound/video quality, excessive buffering, and/or delays in connectivity are usually due to your strains on your ISP’s bandwidth or limitations of your computer’s resources.
Billed as “the first global TV Network for the disabled… powered by accessibility…via the web,” AbleTV is a website dedicated to accessible streaming videos with audio description and closed captioning. Still a work in progress, it’s packed with programming for the disability community. Representative videos include John Hockenberry speaking at CSUN, business and disability journalists discussing the Supreme Court’s Garrett decision, a webcast on disability voting problems, and much more.
ADA Turns 10
This page includes an online video of ABCNEWS’ Aaron Brown’s report on the tenth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Attitudes towards People with Disabilities and Work Have Changed
A BBC report (Aug 27, 1999) on changes since the 1940’s.
Computer Accessibility for People With Disabilities
The Center for Accessible Technology demonstrates a wide range of software and hardware products on this TechTV video.
Disability Studies Conference:A Global Perspective
This NIDRR webcast features panel discussions from the first international conference on Disability Studies. Includes a captioned option.
George W. Bush on his Policies for the Disabled
A live interview by Business Week prior to Bush’s election to the presidency. Audio only.
Narrative Television Network (NTN)
NTN makes movies and television programming accessible to people who are blind and visually impaired people through narration, an “extra” voice added to the show to describe the visual elements of the story. Now you can enjoy these narrated movies online through Yahoo TV Coverage. Also includes the American Foundation for the Blind’s video, “What Do You Do When You See a Blind Person?”
Roosevelt Memorial Wheelchair Dedication
The dedication of the new statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on January 10, 2001.
Super Wheelchair Tackles Stairs
A BBC report (Jun 2, 2000) about an amazing new wheelchair.
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