Web Page Tools and Page-Checkers

So you’ve read all about accessible web page design, and now you want to check out your website to make sure it’s compliant. These tools and page-checkers will make it easy.
A-Prompt Toolkit [added 10/30/01]
Developed by the the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto, this standalone tool can be downloaded free of charge. The tool is designed to “check and repair HTML for conformance with WAI Web Content Accessibility
Guidelines 1.0 or Section 508 Standards. If an accessibility problem is detected, A-Prompt displays the necessary dialogs and guides the user to
fix the problem.”
PDF files are not accessible to blind individuals who use screen readers, since they are graphic files that cannot be “read.” Web designers should always provide text and/or html alternatives. That said, blind and visually impaired users who are stuck with PDF only files can find some work-arounds on this Adobe site.
Accessibility Audit Toolbox [added 7/27/01]
This article from WebReview examines various tools for determining website accessibility.
Bobby (Center for Applied Special Technology)
A free web-based service that will help you make web pages accessible to people with disabilities. Just type in a URL to find out what Bobby thinks about your site’s access and how you can improve it.
Commercial Tools [added 10/30/01]
While The WebWatcher generally does not include commercial websites whose main purpose is to promote a product or service (see our criteria for more information), we’re making an exception here because we think web accessibility is so important, and tools that help web designers achieve accessibility are, in general, a good thing. The following are some commercial tools and page-checkers that web designers may wish to consider:
Doctor HTML
NetConversion’s Diamond
SSB Technologies’ InSight and InFocus
UseAble Net’s LIFT Online
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