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Being a woman in a still male-dominated society is a challenge. Being a woman with a disability can be doubly so. These sites discuss some of the issues that are unique to women with disabilities.
African American Women with Disabilities: An Overview [updated 12/5/01]
“The premise of this paper [by Eddie Glenn, Ph.D.] is that African American women with disabilities are victims of the impact of a “triple jeopardy” syndrome: race, gender, and disability.”
Allison Brown’s Research Homepage for Older Women with Disabilities
A personal home page with a variety of general resources about health issues and disability.
Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities (BHAWD)
BHAWD is “a community partnership of women with disabilities, breast cancer survivors, medical professionals and grassroots disability rights organizations.” Its web site includes relevant news and research as well as information about the organization’s accessible clinic and mammography facilities and other services.
Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD)
Based at Baylor College of Medicine, CROWD is a research center that focuses on issues related to health, aging, civil rights, abuse, and independent living. CROWD researchers develop and evaluate models for interventions to address specific problems affecting women with disabilities. Its web site is packed with information about research relating to the “National Study of Women with Physical Disabilities,” access to health care by women with disabilities, abuse, and community living.
Chartbook on Women and Disability in the United States
Addressing the relationship between gender and disability, this statistical reference on women and disability in the United States is accessible to both non-technical and technical audiences. Topics include: women and disability throughout the life cycle; children and youth with disability; disability, work, income and benefits; living arrangements, family life, and medical experiences; mental disorders and disability; women, disability and aging; and research gaps and topics for further investigation. The entire publication is available for downloading in PDF format.
Disabled Women on the Web
Part of the Disability Social History Project, this is a developing site that is well-organized but fairly empty when we last checked in February 2001. You may wish to check it periodically.
DisAbled Women’s Network Canada (DAWN)
DAWN is a national (Canadian) feminist, cross-disability organization. Its website is devoted primarily to information about the organization and its e-mail discussion group. Canadian visitors should also check out its list of provincial groups, such as DAWN Ontario.
The EDGE (Education for Disability and Gender Equity) [added 7/20/01]
The EDGE (Education for Disability and Gender Equity) is an interactive website that teaches about science, government and culture with an emphasis on disability and gender. Broad-based curricula in science and the humanities stimulate secondary school students (and adults, for that matter) to think critically about the interrelationship of disability and gender with science and the humanities. Activities, profiles, links, self-tests and other resources are integrated into this well-designed site. Teachers’ guides are included.
Having a Daughter With a Disability: Is it Different For Girls?
This issue of the National Information Center on Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY)’s News Digest “focuses on some of the realities parents must face in helping their daughters with disabilities to become more self-reliant and, ultimately, independent.” A bibliography is included.
Health Promotion for Women with Disabilities
Developed by the Villanova University College of Nursing, this site focuses on information to help women with disabilities achieve a “healthier life style and a better quality of life.” Topics range from breast health and pregnancy issues to rights and research.
Reproductive Health Care For Women With Disabilities
This guide from the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities at Baylor College of Medicine was written to help women with disabilities “get the quality reproductive health care that you deserve by learning about your body and your needs.” Topics covered include well woman exam, autonomic hyperreflexia, breast self exam, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and finding a health care provider.
Women and Disability Resources
Barbara Robertson’s personal collection of “social, academic, activist, and just-for-fun online resources I’ve collected on women and disability.” Includes some unusual and interesting sites.
Women with DisAbilities
A service of the National Women’s Health Information Center (NWHIC), this web site is filled with information for women with disabilities, family members and professionals. Topics covered include abuse, access to health care, breast health access, financial assistance, laws and regulations, minorities, older women, parenting, reproductive health, services and support, sexuality, statistical information, substance abuse, and particular disabilities. Each section includes an overview and links to pertinent publications and organizations.
Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)
This web site of an Australian organization run for and by women with disabilities is packed with information and resources of interest to an international audience. Check out the reports, articles, and papers; poetry and stories; issue-oriented sections; and much, much more.
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