Finding Help: Requests for Individual Advice, Personal Assistance, or Financial Support

There are thousands of organizations that can help people with disabilities live, learn, love, work and play independently. Finding the right one to meet your needs is not always so easy. Disability Resources, inc. is a nonprofit that organization that publishes information about resources for independent living. Our staff members are professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to monitor, review and report on books, videos, organizations, online services and other resources for independent living. We disseminate information about these resources through our newsletter, Disability Resources Monthly (DRM), and other publications, which are available for a small fee.

We sincerely regret that we do not have the funding that would enable us to provide individual advice, personal assistance, or financial support. To help get you started, however, we offer the following services free of charge:

THE DRM WEBWATCHER, a hypertext guide to thousands of the best disability resources on the Internet, arranged alphabetically by topic – available on the world wide web at /DRMwww.html.

THE DRM REGIONAL RESOURCE DIRECTORY, a hypertext guide to state and local disability agencies and organizations, arranged by state – available on the world wide web at /DRMreg.html.

BACK TO BASICS: WHERE TO GET HELP, a concise guide to the key disability agencies and organizations in the U.S. (reprinted from the February 1998 edition of DRM) – available on the world wide web at /BASICS.html.
Disability Resources Monthly (DRM) features information about a wide variety of resources and services. We encourage you to read it regularly. You can probably find DRM in your local public library, independent living center, or other disability-related organization. If DRM is not available in your community, you may wish to subscribe or to request that your local library or service provider does so. We also offer personalized consultation, research and information services on a cost-recovery basis.