Preface & New Visitors Guide

Information is power! Most people with disabilities can live, learn, love, work and play independently and in the mainstream of society, but they often need information to achieve their goals: information about legal rights, financial resources, assistive technology, employment opportunities, housing modifications, childrearing and educational options, transportation and mobility services, and more. This information is available from a wide variety of resources – nonprofit organizations, government agencies, books, pamphlets, magazines, videotapes, and online – often at little or no cost. Finding it, however, isn’t always so easy.
Disability Resources is a nonprofit organization that monitors, reviews, and reports on these resources every day. We disseminate information about them to libraries, disability organizations, health and social service professionals, consumers and family members, through:
Publications, such as our award-winning newsletter Disability Resources Monthly (check it out for a FREE copy)
Online resources, including The DRM WebWatcher, our easy-to-use online subject guide to the best disability resources on the ‘Net, and The DRM Regional Resource Directory, our guide to state and local agencies and organizations
Customized services, such as consultant services, bibliographies, workshops, and speakers (contact us for more information)
We hope you will take some time to check out this web site. Use it to explore the wonderful world of information on the Internet, and return frequently. Here are some suggestions for new visitors:
If you’re just browsing, you may wish to start with the FAQs, the current week’s features (listed on the left side of the home page), or some of the other pages we’ve featured in recent weeks.
Check out The DRM WebWatcher, our spectacular subject guide to the best disability information on the ‘net. We recommend starting with the complete index, though it may take a few extra seconds to load. Once you have a sense of what’s in the WebWatcher, you may prefer to use the shorter alphabet indices or the search engine on the home page.
Find your home state in The DRM Regional Resource Directory and explore the resources and services in your area.
We update this site every few days, so be sure to check What’s New for the latest additions and changes. If you wish, you can register to be notified whenever there are significant updates.
We’ve tried to organize this site in a very straightforward, easy-to-use manner. The key sections are listed in the table of contents. More detailed information can be found on the site map.
Using a text browser or synthetic voice? Check out our handy tips for accessing this site.
Please take a few minutes to learn more about our organization and our publications. If you’d like to contact us, request that we review your web site as a possible WebWatcher or Regional Resource Directory link, volunteer to help us, or support our efforts, please let us know.
And don’t forget – information is power.

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